Let Your Kingdom Come – WHY?

Let Your Kingdom Come

Hostility is on the rise. Morals are decaying to new lows. There is no value on the lives of others, people will take your life for little or no reason! The Rich get richer while the Poor get poorer! What is your Hope for the Future? Why do people pray “Let Your Kingdom Come?” What Will it Mean for You, Your Family, Friends and All Mankind?

Let Your Kingdom Come – What does it mean?

It Means a Total Change of the World We See Today! A Sudden Change that will Happen without anymore warning. When Jesus gave the Model Prayer at Matthew 6:10, he was referring to an Administration, a Government, that would begin to rule the Earth on a set day. Jesus himself, with 144,000 humans chosen by God, will sit as Kings and Priests exercising Jehovah’s Sovereignty from the Heavens. Their Rulership will go into effect in one hour, while the human governments will end that same hour, like a sudden earthquake millions of angels will be released on the Earth to tear away everyone who is not marked for survival!

What does this mean? It means that as Creator of the Heavens and Earth, and All Life everywhere, Jehovah, will resume Active Rulership of the Earth. The Kingdom is an extension of His Universal Sovereignty. For the last six thousand years He has let mankind rule themselves to answer the lie told to Eve at Genesis 3 Now the serpent (Satan the Devil was the one speaking) was the most cautious of all the wild animals of the field that Jehovah God had made. So it said to the woman: “Did God really say that you must not eat from every tree of the garden?” 2 At this the woman said to the serpent: “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden.3 But God has said about the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden: ‘You must not eat from it, no, you must not touch it; otherwise you will die.’” 4 At this the serpent said to the woman: “You certainly will not die. 5 For God knows that in the very day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.” Eve then ate and took some to her husband, Adam, and he ate. Mankind has suffered ever since this act of disobedience. However Jehovah foretold on that day, that at some future time, He would punish Satan with death. Then little by little through His Word He Revealed how He would Redeem Mankind from Sin and Death. Genesis 3:15

Soon Jehovah will once again set a standard of conduct for everyone living. Our obedience to this standard is the Only Hope for an extension of our life. As Creator, Jehovah has the Right to set these standards, however this is not His sole purpose in doing so. Jehovah sets the standard, that He and Jesus and multitudes of angelic spirit lives adhere to. These Godly Principles, when followed, will bring about Lasting Happiness and Peace and Security for everyone adhering to them. Isaiah 48:17-19

How is this different from todays diverse governments and laws? Today if you break the law, you are punished either fines or prison. In the future those of the 144,000 will use God’s ability to read your thoughts and motives to correct, if possible, the reasons that lead you to act that way. Continuity of Rule and Law will mark their leadership. They will not die or be overthrown. They will not change their minds about the laws and change them. They will exercise the principles that Jehovah God has always displayed. Jehovah is called the Rock because of His Unchanging Values. We only need to read His inspired Word to find how He feels toward the many number of practices prevalent today.

Many only see God as some distant idea of Love. Jehovah is Loving. However He is also Just, His representatives will cause Justice to take place in all things. Jehovah is Wise, His wisdom will be taught to mankind. Equality will rule the Earth for Jehovah is not partial to any race or nationality. As Jesus himself stated two principles will govern the Earth: Love for God and Love for Neighbor.

Let Your Kingdom Come – What is it doing today?

Today the very last of those Chosen to rule in Heaven (144,000) are living out their natural lives. Upon their death they are raised to Heaven and join those who served God and upheld His principles while alive here. Jesus was the first human ever resurrected to Heavenly Life, the Apostles and disciples that served with Jesus and died after him, were the first of sinful mankind resurrected to Heavenly Life, that took place early in the last century. Those men and women were the “first fruits”. As the total number of 144,000 is near to being filled and the start of Kingly Rule is at hand, the end of human governments correspondingly is fast approaching.

Also today, around the globe, God is searching for those who will inhabit His Domain. Jesus commanded all his disciples to do the work that he did while alive on Earth, searching for and teaching new prospects of disciples. This work is an Identifying facet of the only path to God’s Favor. Mtt.28:19,20 , Mark 13:10

No one should feel they are exempt from this commission, if the man who would set at God’s Right Hand, Jesus, was willing to do this work, who of us, the ones that will benefit the most, is exempt? Many have felt they could never do it, however, when God’s spirit teaches you and leads you in His Ways, you will be eager to get started. This work itself is also an indicator of the next question.

Let Your Kingdom Come – When will it begin?

Matthew 24:14 states:  And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. That preaching work, modeled after the same work that Jesus, the Apostles and early disciples did, is speeding up today as millions are flocking to Kingdom Halls around the World. The recent increase of people joining the ranks of those preaching door to door and publicly has greatly increased the number of people approached with the Good News of God’s Kingdom. You can see the stats at JW.ORG . When Jehovah is satisfied with the coverage and that He has not left anyone out whose heart may be inclined towards Him, then the End will come. What does that mean?

Let Your Kingdom Come – What can you expect to see first?

Something that may seem out-of-place will occur first. As the Bible points out many times, Jehovah does not support Interfaith. All roads or religions do not lead to the same God. So How do you know which is the right one? You look to see who is doing the foretold preaching of God’s Kingdom as Jesus did. Jesus and his disciples went from city to city, from door to door, preaching and teaching people about how God will end their slavery to sin and death. Jesus’ interest in the people set him apart from the religious leaders of his day. Today, those doing the work he started show the same concern for the well-being of their neighbors by sharing the Hope that was shared with them.

Jesus states at Revelation 17:16 “And the ten horns that you saw and the wild beast, these will hate the prostitute and will make her devastated and naked, and they will eat up her flesh and completely burn her with fire. 17 For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought, yes, to carry out their one thought by giving their kingdom to the wild beast, until the words of God will have been accomplished.”  Jehovah will cause world rulers to think about and then act out His desire, destroying the prostitute (religions of this world.) Why? because most of them teach “the commands of men” rather than His Principles. Most religions dishonor Jehovah, they hate His Divine Name and persecute those teaching others about Him. This is the same hatred that caused religious rulers to persecute and kill His Son, Jesus, whose name means “Jehovah Is Salvation”

Next, the governments will solidify their rulership worldwide. At some point they will realize that all religion has not disbanded. They have ripped all the wealth from the Great and Wealthy Religions around the world. No doubt an iron fist will bring much bloodshed. Who has not disbanded?

After Jesus was put to death, you would think that fear would stop the preaching work, it didn’t. So too, those doing the work today will continue. This will setup the circumstances that will lure the Nations along with Satan and his spirit allies into the bloodiest conflict ever fought, the Great and Fear Inspiring Day of Jehovah (Armageddon).This is foretold at Revelation 16:16, Daniel 12:1Matthew 24:21Revelation 7:14.

As you see there are only two groups, those for Jehovah’s Rule and those Against it. If you have enjoyed the Sample of Life Jehovah has granted you today, imagine how great that life could be when all sickness and death is removed. Every enemy of peace will be gone. Health and youthful vigor will be restored to everyone as Jehovah teaches each of us how to benefit ourselves and our families. A Restoration will begin as foretold at Acts 3:21. Then as Daniel 12:2 stated a Resurrection will begin. Who would you like to see come back to life? Billions will be brought back, many of them will be children whose lives were cut short for one reason or another. Have you lost a loved one in death, think how you and them would feel if you were there to welcome them back and teach them about all that has occurred!

This Knowledge is worth more than any Treasure you could ever acquire, for Life is the Prime Possession, Acquire Life, Eternal Life, and You will be the Wealthiest You can ever be.

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