The Spiritual Condition of Our World Today

The Spiritual Condition of Our World Today
The Knowledge Beyond What is Normal
The Spiritual Condition of Our World Today

Physically we are all the sum of a mathematical equation. The Bible states all our parts are down in writing, even the hairs of your head are numbered! What is different is what we put in them, how our parents spoke before and after we were born. Whether or not we saw some qualities in them we wanted to copy or see ourselves imitating today.

In the beginning One spiritual being became powerful in reasoning out what He was capable of doing. Then when He saw all that was possible, how the equation added up to the realistic sum, He began.

First, He created a son all by Himself, all spirits are non-sexual beings, all are attributed masculinity, imitating the Almighty who created them. Labeled “Sons of God” that humans may understand that these creations were all Fathered by the Sole Creator with the aid of the first spirit “created by Him”, the Only Begotten Son of God. All spirits created are lesser ones than the One who created.

In Heaven the first, the beginning of God’s creative works, was name Michael meaning “who is like God”.

Why was he like God, who is Jehovah? Because he chose to imitate Jehovah’s Qualities. Spirits too are likely mathematical equations, yet are different by what they take in. All are like humans; in that they are “free moral agents” able to choose what moral values fit them. Most have supported the Wisdom that Jehovah God has traced from start to finish and seen which have the best summation or outcome.

The universe is also an equation we may not comprehend completely. If there was the void of space, how could energy exist in space void of matter?

Back to the chalkboard for that, but we can see how thought and reasoning can explain how we arrive at the sum.

Back to spiritual matters, that must be energy without matter. The “Holy Spirit” is a form of energy expelled from the sole “Almighty God” who has chosen the name Jehovah, which means “He causes to become”.

Whatever His expressed will is “He has the ability to cause His expressed will to take place.” He used the Holy Spirit to accomplish many miraculous events we have heard of in the Bible.

Why do many not believe in this One Individual Super Being? Because one of those He created used his free will to become God’s adversary. He is contending that God’s Moral Code is not the best way of life. He caused the first humans to see how they could enjoy a few things apart from obeying God! He called God a liar, they will not die if they eat from the tree, rather they will become like God.

From there he influenced some of the other spirits to follow his course of disobedience. As they witnessed the joy humans had in a fleshly way, they cast aside all restraint, created male bodies and took any woman they wanted. Their bodies were so close to God’s creation, the women became pregnant and gave birth to hybrid sons, the Nephilim! These sons were inclined toward violence and the Earth became filled with violence.

Through the ages, this deviate spirit has designed the world we live in. His goal is to cause everyone to hate the name of Jehovah and worship any other individual, real or imaginary! He has crafted all the religions of the world except one. In reality all but one are Satan Worshipers! All by his design, he is very intelligent and influences the Whole Earth from his throne above the others who serve as his princes over regions and nations.

Satan has accomplished his goal by leading the vast majority of billions of people into eternal destruction because they chose to dwell on what he influences. Though he created churches and Christianity as we see it in the World, worshiping idols and people who have died and pledging all allegiance to nations in place of the Kingdom God has created to rule over the survivors of the Great Day. The churches have slept with the worlds rulers to influence the masses toward violence and eternal corruption. They have created doctrines of imaginary beings to worship, such as the Holy Trinity. They have caused people to worship Mary, the Apostles and men like the Pope! Satan has his experts who feed on the glory they receive from the deceived. These have authored countless books of deceptions drawing monies in great sums to live like gods themselves. They inspire peoples to pledge percentages of their incomes to the churches that are feeding the people the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, leading to debt, interest and poverty of those deceived.

Soon, Jehovah will give them just what they deserve, yet their deaths will not redeem those who have been entrapped by them, for whatever reason, they chose to believe it. The End of this system will then come as Jesus and hordes of spirits will descend from the Heavens and bring death to all of Satan’s world of governments, commerce and religions. At the same time millions will be protected from harm and become the foundation of life on Earth after Armageddon. See Daniel 12:1,2 and Revelation 7:14.

Those humans destroyed then will cease to be conscious, because death is void of all thought, emotions or any consciousness of life. The doctrine of the immortality of the soul is another falsehood of Satan’s according to the Bible. See Ecclesiastes 9:5,10

The survivors of the Great Day of God Almighty will finally experience the benefit of being forgiven of sin, as all effects of sin are washed from their flesh. All sickness and death from Adamic sin will come to an end. Peace and Security will grow Earth wide as these individuals are all united by faith, trained by Christ to hate violence as it cause painful results to all. They will hate immorality because of the same. They will hate crimes common to people today. They hate these things because God and Christ have taught them to show love to God by imitating His Loves and Hates. Jehovah’s purpose is to bring the whole planet to a paradisiac condition and populate it with families who will be blessed with their own land and the ability to build homes and farms and families who will reap everlasting life because they chose to believe what God inspired men to write about Him, Jesus Christ and God’s purpose for creating all things. Choose the knowledge that is truthful, that you might save yourself and perhaps those you love from the Last Events of this system of things designed by Satan.

“This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.” John 17:3