Understanding God’s Non-Interference into Man’s Affairs

Understanding God's Non-Interference into Man's Affairs

Why Doesn’t God Do Something? The Bible tells us that In the beginning of the Earth there was Jehovah God, His first-born son Michael (who was born as Jesus) and millions of angels. After the creation of Adam and Eve; one of those angels told Eve her life would be better without Jehovah God, Eve believed what the angel told her, so she disobeyed God’s one rule, do not eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad. Eve later told Adam what had happened and he joined her in disobeying God. The angel that spoke with Eve had slandered Jehovah God and became known as Satan the Devil (slanderer).

Later Jehovah God came to speak with Adam about what had happened. Because Adam had disobeyed God’s law and joined the rebellion of Satan, Jehovah evicted him and Eve from the Garden of Eden, their physical and spiritual paradise home. Jehovah never spoke with them again.

Turning to render judgment on Satan, Jehovah foretold Satan’s future death; but until that time Satan is given opportunity to show how life will be better his way, Without Jehovah’s Interference. Until that foretold day Jehovah God would allow Satan all authority on the Earth to show how Independence from Jehovah is a better life. How long did Jehovah give Satan? He does not say, however we know there is a day when it will end. The Bible tells us how we will know for sure that Satan’s day is about to end. It is a definite period of time with a first and last day, marked by a great tribulation, worse than any before it, that will never occur again. Then a notable change will occur, a beginning of a new day.

After his judgment, Satan influenced many angels to join him in the rebellion. They treated the Earth as their playground. They created their own fleshly bodies so that they could enjoy intercourse with Adam and Eve’s children or grandchildren. They took any woman they wanted, even bearing hybrid children. They tormented men as bullies. They were bigger than human men and could not be killed by them, for these angels were powerful spirit beings in a fleshly body.  Their children too, were violent bullies. Jehovah felt sadden over all the pain the angels were causing and used a great flood to force them to leave the Earth and destroy their offspring . See Genesis 6:1-7 ,  Jude 1:6

Understanding God’s Non-Interference into man’s affairs. Each of us was created a free moral agent. Choosing what is Good and Bad and discerning Right from Wrong based on family, school, television, radio or our religion. Jehovah could have put it into Adam’s mind to really fear Jehovah and obey His command not to eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad. However, would that be free will? No that would be somewhat robotic, where the machine obeys the command of the operator. Jehovah out of Love, holds out His pattern of life to appeal to our power of reason, willingly. Isaiah 48:17,18

Examples Of God’s Great Acts

Jehovah God once promised a faithful man named Abram  (Abraham) that by means of his Seed or descendant all nations of the Earth could bless themselves. Most of God’s Great Acts were to safeguard the eventual birth of that Seed which would capture Satan the Devil and end his influence over men. Genesis 3:15

When Egypt took Abraham’s offspring, the Israelites as slaves, Jehovah could have interfered in a less dramatic way. Jehovah could have mentally tortured Pharaoh of Egypt, as demons are described doing, and caused him to release the Israelite slaves of Moses day. However, Jehovah allowed Pharaoh to exercise his free will up to point where he drowned with all his soldiers in the Red Sea at Jehovah’s Hand. This showed Jehovah God is different from all the other gods that men have worshipped, He is the Most Powerful Being in the Universe and is concerned for the wellbeing of those seeking Him.

In Faithful Israelite King Hezekiah’s reign over Judah, Sennacherib the King of Assyria came against Jerusalem with 185,000 men and weapons of war. King Hezekiah tried to honor Jehovah God during is lifetime. He put faith in Jehovah and His ability to care for His faithful worshippers. Rather than give King Sennacherib a dream that would cause him to flee in fear from Jerusalem, Jehovah let Sennacherib; a worshipper of man-made false gods, exercise his free will to murder many Israelites up to the day he intended to assault Jerusalem the next morning. That night, one angel of Jehovah caused every one of the 185,000 soldiers to die without a mark on them. King Sennacherib went home in shame, and was murdered by his sons. Watch a video about King Hezekiah’s Trust In Jehovah at that Time

In 607 B.C.E,  Jehovah removed the authority of His Kingdom from the King of Judah in Jerusalem and allowed the people to be exported to Babylon for the foretold 70 years. Jehovah most likely caused King Nebuchadnezzar to have a dream which greatly distressed the King. See Daniel Chapter 2. This dream and the explanation provided by Jehovah’s prophet Daniel made it clear to King Nebuchadnezzar that Jehovah is Superior to man-made gods. More importantly the King needed to know that Jehovah had allowed him to take His Favored Nation captive because of their unfaithfulness. The King needed to know He was the first King, in a line of kings that would stretch down to God’s Great Day. The Dream acts much like a time marker, telling us who would exercise authority over Jehovah’s worshippers down to the day God’s Appointed King, Jesus Christ, begins his rule over the Entire Earth. The Dream describes events in Daniel 2:41-44 which describes our period of time very well. Notice verse 43 describes a day of pronounced disunity, then verse 44, suddenly the Kingdom of God appears on Earth. You’ll notice to that, God’s Kingdom does not come to merge with human government, but like a large meteor crushes and destroys for all time human rule over other humans.

image of world powers foretold in the Bible at Daniel 2

Jehovah has not changed in billions of years, He wanted Adam and Eve to enjoy perfect fleshly human life without any pain, sickness or death eternally. They were allowed to exercise their own free will which has been detrimental to what may be 20 billion people who have lived and died, but no lasting harm has been done that eternal perfect human life in paradise cannot erase from your mind. Most of those who have died will return and be given the same opportunity you have today, to learn more of Jehovah God and be part of His purpose for the Earth Forever. Jehovah will never die; His rule will never end like human governments do. Love will rule at that time with a fruitage of Peace and Righteousness. All Hate and Hostility that the masses have today toward one another will vanish. Psalms 37:9-11 verse 29

Today is a day like no other, Jehovah is holding His Hope for all mankind out to as many as will grab hold of it. He is appealing to the natural desire we all have to be able to enjoy a productive Life in Paradise Eternally. Like no other time in history, people are flocking to the throne of Jehovah God from every nation, race or ethnic group. Just as He foretold. Zechariah 8:23 See Revelation 4:11

We understand that when Jehovah acted in the past; it was a result of another kingdom threatening the Israelites; who the Seed of Abraham, Jesus Christ, would be born in, the verses of Matthew 1 show each descendant. Jesus Christ was born in Abraham’s lineage, he is the Seed that by which everyone may bless themselves. Jesus has been exalted to the Throne of God’s Kingdom by Jehovah God Himself.  See Genesis 22:18.

Why Did God Not Interfere With Hitler’s Evil Acts?

Jehovah did not interfere with human rulers in other geographic areas of the Earth of what is now China, Russia, India, Africa or America, because they were nowhere near the Israelites; they were then and still are today, part of the World under Satan’s Influence. See Ephesians 2:2 , Corinthians 4:4 , 1 John 5:19. After the Israelites lost Jehovah’s favor as a nation and delivered Jesus up to be impaled, Jehovah allowed the Romans to destroy what was left of the once glorious seat of power at Jerusalem in 70 C.E., as He foretold that He would. Their whole written genealogy; family history and way of life was destroyed as the entire city was left in ruins. No longer could a person prove they were part of the Aaronic Priestly Family or in the Davidic Kingly Line. The Nation of Israel is no different from any other country today. Jehovah has not visibly interfered anywhere since then. He has not favored either side in the many wars of nations.They all have shown their independent free will by not following His principles and His sanctity towards life. His commands inform us that no man has the right to murder another man. Jehovah set a day many years ago, when pronouncing Satan’s death, his last day, a day that Jehovah will interfere with every government on Earth as He prepares the Earth for the authority of His King, Jesus. See Psalms 2 , Luke 21:25-28 ,  Matthew 24:39 ,  Mark 13:24,25 , Revelation 17:16,17 ,  Revelation 11:18

Just like Pharaoh of Egypt and King Sennacherib of Assyria who were given freedom to do as they willed until Jehovah’s patience expired. Our days today are just like those oppressed then. Hitler and many other of the human rulers of  Earth have shown themselves to be evil, self-centered, power-hungry men. Some may have really wanted to do a good job, yet they did not base their rule on the principles that God has shown us to be the best way of life outlined in His written word the Bible. Jehovah has allowed these conditions for a definite period of time, that for all eternity every being, angelic or human, can see that life independent of Jehovah God is Disastrous. Nahum 1:9

Just as you might flip a calendar to the next day, the day’s we live under human rule have a definite end unknown to anyone but God Himself. See Matthew 24:36 . Jesus while on Earth foretold the conditions that would engulf the entire globe just before God’s Great Day, we see all those conditions today plus the final element of that sign as written at Matthew 24:14.

We are so close to the end of time Jehovah is allowing Satan the Devil to rule the Earth and influence the morals and peace of our day. The Last Day of God’s patience is described many times in the Bible. It is called the Great and Fear Inspiring Day of Jehovah. It is not that fearful to the majority of the world, for most have become closed-minded, unwilling to hear what the near future holds as foretold by God Himself in His written word the Bible. For those knowing what the Bible say’s about the near future, may fear that they might pass away before it begins and they might miss seeing this foretold historic event, Satan’s last day, Jehovah’s Great Day and Works.

Jehovah has painted a beautiful picture of life as He intended it to be lived. Giving people hope of seeing loved ones, who have passed away in death, resurrected to perfect human life. Hope of enjoying the best food the planet can yield with your closest family and friends. Hope of having your eyesight or hearing or teeth or hair or limbs restored and youthful vigor return, though a million years old your flesh may look much like it did when you stopped growing. Hope of having your own land and being able build your own home with materials you’ll grow or collect from the Earth. Hope of enjoying the companionship of your wife or husband for all eternity. The Hope of cleaning and gardening your area of the Earth with grandchildren you witnessed being born 100,000 years ago. Isaiah 65:20-25 , Revelation 21:3-5  Luke 23:43  Isaiah 11:6-9

There is still time to seek Jehovah’s friendship by praying to Him and taking in knowledge of His way’s from the Bible now. It may appear that things will continue just as they are, but do not be caught off guard, Jehovah’s Great Day could begin any day now, each day brings us closer to the last day of Satan’s life, it’s a definite period of time, foretold some six thousand years ago. The Restoration of the foretold Paradise on Earth is just a matter of time. Let us continue to pray “Let Your Kingdom Come, Let Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven”

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