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Q: Why Do We Grow Old and Die?

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why Do We Grow Old and Die?  A: The first man Adam ate fruit from the one tree in the Garden of Eden that was reserved for Jehovah God, which he was warned not to even look at it that he might not form a longing for it. See Genesis 2:9 then Genesis 2:17 Adam was told he could eat from the many tree’s in the Garden, except the one Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad. Death is the punishment for disobedience, not living on Earth under wicked conditions. Adam, our forefather willfully sinned against Jehovah God, because we are his children born after his judgment, we have all been born into his disobedience and suffer from his sentence. We can be redeemed from this, but we must show that we truly want it by our life course. For more information on this please see the book      What Can the Bible Teach Us?

Q: What is Sin? Why Should I Ask for Forgiveness?

A: There are 2 classes of sin, inherit and willful. Sin defines our relationship with our creator, Jehovah God. A man who is sinless would be able to speak directly to Jehovah God or pray to Him without saying “In Jesus Name I Pray”. Jehovah God is Perfect. He is the highest form of life known to man. It is said that humans only use about 10 percent of their brains ability. If we did use 100 percent  of our brains ability it would still measure as nothing against Jehovah’s thought ability in the thousands. Because of this humans cannot measure up to the minimum level to converse with Jehovah God intelligently. You know how when you are talking to someone, at the same time thoughts are rushing in your mind, thoughts about the person, about the subject, thoughts of whether you are telling the truth or not or many other things. Jehovah is discerning all your thoughts while you are speaking with Him, you can see how this would be a problem for us to speak with Him one on one. See Matthew 19-22  Did Jesus look into the man’s feelings to say this?

What is Sin? Inherit Sin

Inherit Sin: When men want to limit a electrical or mechanical device they put a governor on it. This governor limits the ability of the equipment. Sin is limiting our flesh and thinking today. The first man created by Jehovah God, Adam, was created in a perfect mental and fleshly condition. Adam was a higher form of life than you and I, we being being sinful. Adam could of come to use his brains thinking ability at a higher percentage in time and experience. We know that Jesus when he was on Earth as a perfect man, could do things that required a higher thought process than we have today, Adam was perfect just like Jesus was. Adam spoke with Jehovah and Jehovah spoke back. Jehovah had the animals that He had created to live on Earth pass before Adam that Adam might name them. This certainly took some time and thought on Adams part, we can look at the animals and see that Adam has given them fitting names. Sin affects our thinking in other ways, the Apostle Paul spoke of the conflict it causes, while you want to do what is right, thought and desires of what is wrong is pulling us away from doing what is right.

After many years, Jehovah felt it was time to move on with His purpose to fill the Earth with Adam’s offspring. He then created the first woman Eve. Adam and Eve lived in a special place on Earth, the Garden of Eden. The garden was full of fruit bearing trees and plants. The weather and temperature must of been controlled to a point that a nude man could live there for many years without shelter.

Adam and Eve spent some time apart, at one of these periods a rebellious angel from Heaven spoke to Eve through a serpent and convinced Eve to pick some fruit from the tree in the center of the garden. Eve knew that tree to be the one special tree set apart as devoted to Jehovah God. She then took some of the fruit to Adam and he ate it too. This act of willful disobedience by Adam was something that could not be overlooked by his creator Jehovah God and millions of loyal angels that were watching all this play out. Adam being a perfect, sinless man must of knew exactly what he was doing, since there was no warning given after the sin, like a police man might let you off with a warning. There had to be Judgment handed down.

Jehovah God has four cardinal attributes of Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power. The judgment handed down by this heavenly court was banishment from the Garden of Eden, a place where food and fruit grew and reseeded itself, which produced an abundance of food. Adam became governed by sin and it’s affects, in that he could not pass on fleshly perfection to his children. This is what we inherit from Adam, a limit in our thinking ability and concentration and a fleshly body that will not reproduce each cell perfectly at some point. This has a direct effect on us. This Inherit Sin that we are born with is less than the life Adam enjoyed. After losing perfection Adam had limited access to Jehovah God. It’s like being born in a family of very infamous criminals deserving of death, we pray for forgiveness to Jehovah for their acts, our bad thoughts and to let him know we want to separate ourselves from their legacy and be obedient and loyal and faithful to Him. Adam was a direct creation of God, Perfect, Sinless. If He Was Not A Slightly Higher Life Form Than Us, Anybody Could Have Given Their Life To Redeem Mankind from his Sin. Romans 5:12

What is Sin? Willful Sin

Willful Sin: This is somewhat self explanatory, this is what Adam did when he ate of the fruit that Eve gave him. He knew he was siding with his wife in willful disobedience against the Creator he had spent the many years conversing with and coming to know.  Willful Sin also encompasses choosing to stray from the standards and principles of God. Many of these principles are embedded in the human conscious of right and wrong like stealing, vulgar speech, lying, murder and the sanctity of marriage . A study of the Bible will help a person to learn what is expected from a person and what Jehovah considers to be sinful. See 1 Corinthians 6:9,10

After a person reaches a better relationship with God, knowing Him, His Son Jesus Christ and the Truth found in His written word the Bible, Willful Sin is the most damaging to our relationship with our Heavenly Father. He has made provision to redeem us from our inherited sinful condition through the Life Blood of Jesus Christ and will put up with Willful Sin while we are growing to understand Him, but there is a limit we can cannot return from, like Judas Iscariot.
For More Information On Bible Topics Please See JW.ORG

Q:Why Does God Allow Wickedness ?

A: As brought out at Genesis 3 God judged Adam,Eve and Satan and found them deserving of death before Millions of Angels in the Heavens . Adam and Eve were sentenced to death and the dying process started that day, Jehovah would not speak with them again,or protect them,or feed them, they died in that respect that Earthly Day. Adam lived 930 years, just within the one thousand Earthly years which equal one day in Heaven. Satan was sentenced to death also, however Satan was part of a large family of Angels. Satan when speaking with Eve actual brought up a Universal Question that had to be answered before those Millions of Angels in Heaven, “Does Jehovah Have the Right to Rule Over His Creation? “. Not just the Earth, but the Entire Universe and All the Spirit Life Jehovah and Jesus had created together over eons. To find the answer to this question, creation would have to live without Jehovah’s involvement, or at least the rebel’s would have to be given the chance to show life would be better without Jehovah’s involvement. Those loyal to Jehovah remained close to Him. Just like in a Human Court, the Judge does not go out and shore up one side or the other, in this same way Jehovah has not been involved shoring up righteousness against wickedness here on Earth. That Test is playing out on Earth where it started. Thus Satan the Devil’s death sentence was commuted until that issue is solved. Jehovah determined how long that trial period would last and set a “day” of future judgment and to implement Satan’s sentence. That “Day” is spoken of many times in the Bible as “Jehovah’s Day”. Amos 5:18-27 We are living today in the final earthly days prior to that Great Day. Jesus and Jehovah have given us an indication of when that Great Day would start, without telling us the very day. Daniel 2:41-44 , Matthew 24:7-21 , Matthew 24:36 

This is Why Jehovah has let Great Atrocities to take place in the last 6000 years. Jehovah has had limited involvement in Human Affairs for the Last 6000 years. He did have involvement with a man named Enoch and Noah and his family and Abraham and his offspring, the Nation of Israel. The experiences of those people and how Jehovah interacted with them teach us a lot about Jehovah and how he feels about wickedness and the suffering of all creation because of this time period.

Jesus came to Earth and revealed more about the Sacred Secret of God. He revealed that he, Jesus, came to offer up his perfect life, to buy back what Adam had sold away in his disloyalty to Jehovah, Human Perfection and the Right to exist. Jehovah could have just destroyed Adam and Eve before they could have children, but He did not, because He Loves Life in the many shapes and sizes we see today. So He allowed humans to populate the Earth and govern themselves while this Great Court Case is taking place. Jesus came and revealed that part of the Sacred Secret would be that Jehovah would allow Jesus to form a government that would take over the day to day affairs of the Earth that Satan has been ruling by infuence since the Genesis account. Jehovah stepped in during Noah’s Day to stop debased Angels from coming to Earth and fathering children. Genesis 6:4  Other than His interaction with the Nation of Israel until 607 B.C.E. Jehovah has allowed the World to govern itself. This is the answer to the question “Why Does God Allow Wickedness?”

The Government that Jesus would form was called “The Kingdom of God”.  Matthew 6:10 We realize today that it is a Real Government that will forcefully remove every government on Earth during Jehovah’s Great Day. Jesus As King will serve with one hundred forty four thousand of men and women that Jehovah has selected to sit down at Jesus right and left. These 144,001 will care for the survivors of Jehovah’s Great Day for a thousand years. Rev.12:14  They will serve as Kings and Priest bringing the Human Family back to Perfection and directing the cleaning of the Earth that men have trashed for six thousand years, especially so the last one hundred. Revelation 11:18

What Does this Mean for the Earth and the People on it ?

This means there is a deadline for wickedness on Earth. It will not be tolerated for all eternity. After Jehovah’s Day there will be a time of ever increasing Peace and Happiness promised by Jehovah God and Jesus Christ who cannot lie.                     Psalms 37:10,11  Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more;
You will look at where they were,
And they will not be there.
11 But the meek will possess the earth,
And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.  If we survive the Great Day of Jehovah or are Resurrected from the dead to live there, you will enjoy rest from the wicked deeds that once engulfed the Earth. Jehovah wants you to enjoy life as foretold by the Psalmist at 115:16   Psalm 37:29 the righteous will live forever on earth

The Animal life will join in on the Peace on Earth as brought out at Isaiah 11:6-9   Isaiah was inspired by Jehovah to promise that those living then will never say” I am sick”. Isa 33:24  There will be enjoyable work to be done then, the cleaning of the Earth of every decaying city and the building of your own home and gardens and vineyards Isa. 65:21  Tho you live for a million years your flesh will not age, each cell will continue to replicate perfectly for all eternity just as Jehovah intended initially. Those who we have lost in death will be resurrected from the dead and given the same opportunity that people have today, To Draw Close to God, Adjust Your Life to Follow His Ways and Enjoy Life as He Meant it To Be. Can You See It In Your Minds Eye?

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