Why has God allowed Wickedness to Ruin the World?

Why has God allowed Wickedness to Ruin the World?

Why has God allowed wickedness to grow around the World?
He has allowed the churches to murder one another in world wars, many of the same faith . 100 million died in wars between the years 1900 and 2000. He has allowed demonic evil in the Nazi concentration camps. He has allowed millions to suffer and die of disease while others starved to death in Africa and other famine or drought stricken areas. He has allowed evil men to enslave the citizens of whole countries, then, murder off those of a different religion or race. If God is in control of everything, Why has God allowed Wickedness to Ruin the World?  Why?

Because Adam our forefather imprisoned us in a penitentiary of sin with no escape possible. Let me explain: Jehovah created the first man Adam. He spent many years speaking with him, answering questions that Adam asked. Millions of angels were watching and listening. They, no doubt, could not wait for their turn to interact with this marvelous creation of God, a fleshly brother with intellect and understanding. This man would be able to interact with them like no other creation of God ever could.

Then, Jehovah God created Eve, the first woman. She was beautiful, a feminine creation. She to was intriguing to the angels; for all of them were created masculine,manly spirit beings. She was a perfect complement to the man Adam.

One angel saw an opportunity to humiliate Jehovah God and take the worship deserving  of God away for himself. This angel ,Satan, told Eve they did not have to obey God’s command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. In fact if she did eat from it she would become like God, knowing good and bad. So Eve took from the tree and began eating. Later she brought some to Adam. He too, ate of the fruit.

Adam dishonored Jehovah God by choosing to disobey the one command Jehovah gave him, leave the tree in the center of the garden alone. Nothing like this had ever happened before, someone rebelling against their Creator and Almighty God, Jehovah. When Adam ate from the fruit that Eve brought to him ,He knew that he was siding with Eve against the sovereignty of Jehovah God. Jehovah evicted him from the Paradise Home, Eden, that he had lived in for many years. After this Adam became defective in flesh and character, sinful, expelled from Jehovah’s circle of approved beings. Jehovah never spoke with them again, nor did He feed them. Jehovah set angelic guards at the entrance to the Garden of Eden so that they could not get back in. Eden has long ago been lost. Romans 3:23, 5:12

Why has God allowed Wickedness? Rather than destroy Satan, Adam and Eve immediately, He has allowed us to be born, live and see that life outside of Jehovah’s leadership is a miserable failure. Satan’s influence has been worse than any cruel dictator, enslaving the population, that they might not have time or energy to meditate on creation and actually seek God. While all human folly brings him, Satan, entertainment and satisfaction as long as we don’t seek Jehovah God. Job 2 explains how Satan is against those acquiring faith in Jehovah

Jehovah loves life, we too, love life and can see glimpses of just how good life can be. So that we might escape our present circumstances Jehovah sent His first-born son, Jesus to post our bail more or less. We have not been released yet because Jehovah has set a day that He will destroy the penitentiary of sin that imprisons us.

He has watched people live and die over the ages. Do they look at the Earth as being designed by an intelligent being or do they think it could all be some kind of accident? Did they look to God and try to become His friend and try to live by the examples Jehovah God and Jesus Christ show are the best way of life or did they live selfishly getting all they could out of this world without any restraint?

Jesus, while on Earth, sent his followers out to see how the people would respond to the news that they could be God’s friend and live forever without pain,sickness or death under the Kingdom of God.  Jehovah’s Witnesses have continued this work into the entire Earth.

The next thing Jehovah will do is put it in people’s hearts and minds to destroy all the religions of the world. Can you see the beginnings of this today. People are becoming more and more ungodly. Churches around the world are losing support. There will come a day that the nations will decide to bring an end to religious organization around the world. When you see this happening you will know that Jehovah’s Day of Release has drawn very near. It will happen suddenly. Revelation 17:16,17

Jehovah God may seem to be uninvolved in the lives of Earths population. However the opposite is true today. For more than a hundred years  he has influenced the preaching of His Kingdom Worldwide. In Noah’s Day it may have seemed that things would never change. Yet, on one day Noah was told to build the ark and some forty years later on one day it started to rain. In Moses Day; the Nation of Israel had been slaves for over two hundred years in Egypt. If you had been born in that time as a slave that would be all you ever knew. How could things change? Yet on one day Jehovah commanded Moses to return to Egypt and command Pharoah to release the slaves. After 10 plaques in close succession, on one day the slaves left Egypt in amazement.

It will soon happen like that for us. We may awake tomorrow and the world will change dramatically. Religious freedom everywhere will come to an end. Think it can’t happen here? It will. The Bible assures us that everything God says will occur, will. Isaiah 55:11. Why will it be on one day? Because Jehovah set one day to end Satan’s free rule and influence on Earth. Matthew 24:36. That one day may extend to many, but it will suddenly occur. This is what the first Bible prophesy foretold at Genesis 3:15;  it foretells Satan’s death sentence and our release from his influence. 2 Corinthians 4:4, 1 John 5:19

In the Bible, the first book Genesis explains why we all are born, live, get sick and die. Through the other books little by little God fills in the blanks as to how He would legally redeem mankind from their criminal / sinful state. Justice is very important to Jehovah God. Adam was created a perfect sinless man, he would never get sick and die naturally in that condition. Adam became a traitor against the Kingship of God. Many countries around the world justly put traitors to death. In effect Adam threw his perfect life away. Adam did not live with Eve long enough to conceive a perfect son before he disobeyed God’s law, so Adam was the only perfect man on Earth. When he did conceive a son that child inherited the death sentence from his father. We have all inherited that same sentence of death. A perfect man’s life; had to be given to replace the perfect man Adam; for justice to be satisfied. Eye for Eye, Life for Life.

The Bible shows us in illustration how God Jehovah would give His firstborn angelic son to replace what Adam threw away. He would miraculously transfer the essence of His son, Michael born as Jesus, into the womb of a woman to be born a son, Fathered in Perfection by Jehovah God, not as Adam’s descendant. This is illustrated through the life events of a discerning man named Abraham in the book of Genesis. Later in the Bible we learn when and where God would have His angelic son be born and give his perfect human male life in exchange for what Adam lost.

Since all this has taken place, the Bible describes how Jehovah would set His Son, Jesus, up as a King of a government that will now administer human affairs on Earth. Jehovah has been choosing associate kings from the Earth to rule with Jesus in that Kingdom we are told to pray for at Matthew 6:9,10. The Bible states that after people around the world have been invited to learn of the Kingdom, see Matthew 24:14, then that one day of change will be here. 1 Thessalonians 5:3 states “Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape” There will only be 2 groups then; just like in Noah’s Day, those who did survive and those who didn’t. The same in Moses Day, those who did survive and those who didn’t. In Jehovah’s Day there will only be 2 groups. Each time the surviving group was following the direction provided by the Only True God, Jehovah. Matthew 24:21 Revelation 7:14

The Bible speaks of the importance of the Knowledge of God and Jesus at John 17:3 . You can learn more at JW.ORG