Let’s Get on the Same Page – Who Was Jesus?

Who Was Jesus
  1. Jesus was born from a Woman; he was not an angel or superhuman man, nor did he have any special powers of his own.  Mtt.1:18 Mary’s pregnant before marriage  Luke 1:34 Mary’s question

2. At Death; Jesus was dependent on Jehovah God to raise him from the dead, just as we are.

3. God freely communicated with the first man Adam while he was Sinless. In the same Sinless condition (perfect in thought and flesh) God willingly communicated with Jesus. God has the ability to read hearts, our innermost thoughts and instill His thoughts. He communicated His Thoughts to Jesus while he was speaking with individuals, those present could not hear or get the sense of it, to their amazement. John 4:15-18

4. How did Jesus make wine from water, heal the lame, the blind and raise the dead? God’s Powerful Holy Spirit was interacting with Jesus thoughts in real-time. The power going out of Jesus was God’s. The Apostles were sinful men, yet by God’s powerful spirit they were able to perform the same miraculous acts.

5. The First Man Adam disobeyed God’s requirement of obedience in relation to One Tree out of all the Trees of the Garden. Adam was a Sinless Perfect man (perfect in thought and flesh) He understood he was intentionally disobeying the one law God had placed upon him in the Garden of Eden. He knew that doing so would bring his death. Gen.2:15-17

6. God’s Justice needed to be satisfied on the Earth before all the hundreds of millions of spirit lives watching from Heaven, however Adam had not produced any offspring before his disobedient act, so there were not any other Sinless men available to replace the perfect sinless life Adam threw away by disobeying Jehovah Gods one law for that time.

7. At that time Jehovah God foretold how He would in time satisfy Justice, end the rebellion that had been started and fulfill His desire to have the Earth full of perfect human beings who would enjoy increasing joy in daily life and a spiritual relationship with Him. See Genesis 3:15.

8. This is why Jesus had to be the same as Adam, a perfect human man, not a god or angel in the flesh. That way God’s Principle of Justice “Eye for Eye” would be satisfied. If Jesus were anything more than a perfect human being, divine justice would not be satisfied and mankind could not be delivered from their condemnation to Sin and Death as Adams offspring.         Exodus 21:24

9. Jesus being born from a woman and living in accord with God’s Principles will serve as a touchstone for those who live after God restores men to that same perfection Jesus had, they will be able to follow Jesus obedient course, and not make the same mistake the first perfect man Adam made.

10. As we see, Jesus was a Man very similar to us, So Why Do Some Worship Him? Jesus did all he could to direct people to worship the source of his life and ours, Jehovah God. As we see from the scriptures Satan the Devil was the one who wanted to usurp that position as God, not Jesus.  Mtt.4:10

11. The Will of God is for each of us to become like Jesus, a Perfect Human Being. This is what God spent hundreds of millions of years preparing the Earth for, a planet, maybe a universe full of Perfect Human Beings. Gen. 1:28

12. Perfect in Flesh means we would never get sick; lose our eyesight, hearing, teeth or hair. Perfect flesh will never age, wrinkle or die; each cell will perfectly replace itself forever sustaining the body of a 30-year-old forever. Isaiah 33:24      Isaiah 25:8 , Job 33:25

13. Perfect in Mind or thought may include increasing the percentage of our brain being used, being able to control our thoughts and an increasing reasoning ability and unity; it may include much more that has not been revealed to us. We know that Jesus did not make any mistakes or fail, lust after sex or drink until he passed out. He never engaged in an argument that ended in violence. A planet of such people will be peaceful.      Psalms 37:11  ,  Psalms 37:29

14. We do know that this will open greater communication with Jehovah God and our experiencing His Holy Spirit operate in ways we have not yet imagined, Spiritual Perfection.

15. There are so many deeply entrenched falsehoods about Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and What the Future of Man and the Earth will be. Jesus stated that his true followers would be set apart by Truth. There can only be One Truth, one acceptable way before God to live and worship Him. In order to find truth you must do what Jesus stated at John 17:3 , John 17:17. Set Apart by Truth

Who is Jesus Today?

Jesus today is King of God’s Kingdom, a subsidiary of Jehovah’s Universal Sovereignty. God has selected 144,000 other humans who dedicated their life to closely following Jesus example of dedication to doing Jehovah’s will of spreading the Good News of God’s Kingdom.Their all having lived as humans will aid them greatly in the coming days when they govern the Earth and those who have shown faith and interest in coming to know Jesus and his Father Jehovah God better.

As we see around us instability is in every corner of the globe. This will continue until the work that Jesus began 1991 years ago is accomplished in Gods Eyes. The statistics shown at JW.ORG show that this work as encompassing the Earth, soon Matthew 24:14, Mark 13:10 and Daniel 2:44 and 12:1 will be fulfilled.Our Greatest Hope is that You will come to know Jesus as a Savior and King.

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