The 2nd scripture showing God does not torment people forever in a Burning Hell is Revelation 20:14 “And death and the Grave were hurled into the lake of fire. This means the second death, the lake of fire

There it shows that what some believe to be a Burning Hell is destroyed for all time after the 1000 years of God’s Kingdom Rule. Therefore it Cannot be a place of Eternal Torment. The Termination of Hell or the common grave of mankind supports Jehovah’s Promise that a great growd of His Followers will never experience death at all. We see this promise in the revelation of what will occur very soon.

Revelation 7:14 “So right away I said to him: “My lord, you are the one who knows.” And he said to me: “These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb

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