Out of Love for My Sons and Neighbors

Why Doesn't God Do Something

My sons, I know you are busy, but please take a minute to read this. Are you truly happy? Have you been treated unfairly or been misunderstood? Over my many years I have seen the disappointment of men & women who believe in someone who acts like today is forever and they can make it better by money or government or some fleshly pleasure. I have seen the falsehoods of the many religions the world is selling, both pagan and Christian. How people are all cheerful in that they are saved or they are going to be with the Lord, yet their hope is hollow, for they are misled by the promises of men they have chosen due to their words or personality or looks, not on the theme of God’s Word which promises select people will never die, they will build houses and plant vineyards and eat the fruitage and no one can throw them out. I have read the Bible many times and have come to know a God they do not know.

His Word, the complete Bible is proven by many events it has foretold that came true hundreds of years later, which give faith the events that are promised will occur. Both God and Jesus promise a singular “Day” ,a Judgement Day, (not 24 hours, a period of time marked by the judgement of those living at that time and events sanctifying God) composed of four great events. The last event is when God destroys all who oppose Him, yet many chosen beforehand will survive because they had prepared for that day. Matthew 25:1-13, Daniel 12:1, Revelation 7:14

As you know my sons, God is aware of all our thoughts and actions, He is inviting people everywhere to know Him and live like they would in a new land of peace where there is no need of armies, police, weapons or locks. We need to take a sober thought of how our lives disturb others today, have we acted unlovingly toward anyone? During the Judgement Day, knowing God intimately and what is pleasing and unpleasing to Him, as He discloses in the Bible, will ultimately save our lives while thousands are dying all around us. Let us imagine the Judgement Day to come?

We may see the Almighty God Jehovah who is radiating a glorious pure white glow from a massive throne of pure gold with tongues of flames and swirling lightnings from within reflecting and lighting what may be a mile-wide platform of clear glass which resembles liquid gold with millions of angels on His left and on His right. Romans 14:10, 12, Ezekiel 1:27,28, Daniel 7:9,26,27

A grand voice like thunder, not spoken with a mouth, not heard with ears, telling us of His Grand purpose for the Earth to be a Paradise with sinless perfect men and women living there forever, Adam and Eve would still be alive there today as people who look and feel like 25 years old. Now survivors of the last day of human rule will be blessed with fleshly perfection and energy like that. They will be taught from a new Bible-like scroll. They will go through the land collecting the spoils of survival, many great valuable articles the dead will leave behind, these will be items of conversation for hundreds of years and a thing of glory to the one finding them. He may tell you He promised this in His word for you to hope for. Ezekiel 39:10

The survivors will be allotted free property to build their homes and families on (He promised this will occur at Isaiah 65:17-25) they will continue to serve Him by cleaning the Earth of the unsightly cities and war memorials and places of false worship. They will enjoy a life so much better than today it is hard to use English to describe it. They will all learn a unity language, God will unite the order of their thoughts and words, there will be no more borders or people who do not understand one another, nothing will divide the people. Unitedly they will advance in the learning of many sciences not imagined today. (He confused language at Babel Ge.11:9)

God will begin to resurrect billions of those who have died. (He promises this at Daniel 12:2) The survivors will teach them about Christ and how he is the Lamb of God, God’s first creation, the Son of God, as his apostles knew him. Even Satan and the demons Jesus expelled knew him as the son of God, the Seed of Genesis 3:15. Flesh could not survive God’s presence here. His death makes everlasting life available to all who believe and imitate his obedience to God. (We are all born in a prison of Adam’s sin, Jesus gave us pardon, the launch of the Kingdom of God is the release date). As they learn what has happened, they will face the decision: Do I love God and appreciate His giving me life and want to honor Him or do I want to live or worship my way?

After this He may recount many things we did in our life if we served Him, how He drew us to Him and opened our minds as we studied diligently about Him. How we had to quit smoking or treat our wife in a better way or perhaps we have to try to stop lying or cussing, whatever it is you will never be disappointed that you have begun to live a life that is prescribed by God. Now He is opening His Hand and satisfying the desire of every living thing! Ps.145:16

On the other hand, He may recall the many times He invited us to see spiritual truth, then say we did not accept them, thus we cannot be allowed to enter the promised land, because we did not believe in Him or showed any faith in His being, much like the hand writing on the wall ay Daniel 5:5, then tell us when we will expire. Many of the church going people will find He did not accept the praises they sang or the prayers they made, because they did not pray to Him by name, the only Hearer of Prayer (Psalms 65:2) Too, the many falsehoods they propagated mocked the true God, just as the Pope just did, by watering down God’s view of homosexuality. As we awake, we will realize it was a very supernatural vision, so real, we cannot believe we weren’t really there, we will recount it over and over, how He spoke and we answered Him, we will at some point realize it was the promised time standing before the Throne of God. Revelation 20:12, Hebrews 4:16,

The day we awake to will be full of drama, in fact it may be our tears that awake us. We will find we are not the only ones it has happened to, popes, priests, rabbi’s, monks, friars, preachers, reverends, ministers, kings and presidents, great military commanders and warriors, the rich and the poor, and many people calling themselves Christians or Holy people of religions around the globe will beat themselves in grief. The leaders and teachers of falsehoods over a congregation, congregations, or thousands will receive theirs last, they will see the destruction and go hide in their church bunkers, weeping and sobbing at the eventuality! This is the torment of God, He would never burn or torture anyone in a burning hell, yet He will let the eventuality torment them until the angels are commanded to go for them. Matthew24:30

The world will come to understand how important God’s name is to Him. Then, the angels you saw around the throne will descend on the Earth as fearsome warriors with weapons for smashing the enemies of the Creator, the Almighty, The Holy One, the Sovereign Lord Jehovah! Matthew 13:36-43, Exodus 3:15, Psalms 83:18, Joel 2:32, Isaiah 43:10, Matthew 22:37, Revelation 4:11

As you are aware, I love you very much. When you are hurt, I hurt, when someone has cheated you, I hurt, when your child is hurt, I hurt. I don’t want to see you ignore Him, then remember His pleas to you, for then it will be to late. Please, taste and see that God is Good today and tomorrow and forever! He is calling out to you, when you answer and draw closer, you will hear a word behind you saying: turn to left or turn to the right. He, like myself, wants the best for you, taste and see Isaiah 48:17-19

May All Our Experiences before the Throne of God be Joyful

Hope in God and His New Earth Government that Jesus taught to pray for

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