God reaches for YOUR Hand, if you are wondering about Him.

He has shown you this #Kindness.
Even though you have ignored it.
Many Billions there are of living beings,
Yet, He has humbled Himself,
earnestly wanting to enjoy conversations with you.
He desires you to come to know Him,
Learn how He is trying to protect you,
that you might learn how to live #Forever.
Mankind cannot do anything to benefit Him,
You, However, You can make His Heart glad.
For He has affection for you,
His #patience has been displayed for many years,
Don’t let this opportunity escape you
during the few years you exist in His attention.
Even if you should pass away,
He will remember how you took notice of Him,
He will have written your name in His Book,
In a better day, He will call your name,
remembering every facet of your character,
your very soul, He will implant in a sinless body.
Your #Joy will again exalt before Him.
The world will be at #Peace, He will show you an even greater #Love,

with #mildness He will settle you upon your own land.
Others may not have #faith,
they have put His #self_control to the test.
Creation reveals His #goodness,
He will enjoy your soul,
as your expand Paradise around your own home,
You have lived years beyond numbers,
His soul you have imitated,
like Him, you have brought many to life,
You both enjoy everyday that has been filled beyond your imagination those eons ago when you were alienated from Him.
You acted wiser than your neighbors who have perished along the way.
You praise His Holy Name each day,
O’ Jehovah, Thank You for teaching me how to live this most cherished life before You.


#Bible Truth Explained (@praisejah2016) June 4, 2023