The World today is strongly influenced by Satan the Devil. That is why hostility, violence, unhappiness, depression and suicide are prevalent. Satan was evicted from Heaven in latter 1914. Did he initiate WW1? Historians and eye witnesses agree the world changed at that time.

Before 1914, People had real expectations of a happy life, there were plenty of new jobs becoming available. People felt safe! They often sat on the front porch and would freely converse with those going by, without reservation of a hostile response, like today. If they were to leave they would turn the chair around and lean it up against the wall to alert passers by they were gone.Could you feel safe doing that today? I wouldn’t ! Door lock sales increased after the war.
There came a time of sickness after the war, the Spanish Flu, people did not hesitate putting a mask on then, they had the same freedom, but they respected & trusted in the authorities telling them they needed to wear them. People cared about other people then, even more than themselves.
There were many demon possessed people when Jesus walked the Earth, they caused injury to the ones they possessed, out of enjoyment they did this. Since they did not die, we can assume they are still here causing harm by violent and sexual acts.
We can reason that when God created the Earth, angels who had never had a fleshly sensation before, were drawn to the Earth by the reports of other angels who, before the flood, created their own male bodies and went taking any woman they desired. They fathered a race of male offspring of extraordinary size, reports being they were some 10 feet tall. They enjoyed violence and fighting others. Human men could do little more than leave their homes going to another area to hide.
Some men today enjoy power similar to that in communist and totalitarian countries. All is influenced by spirits who enjoy sensations and drama. The Bible states at 1 John 5:19 We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. Satan has even had princes who rule through influence.
There are 3 parts to Satan’s World: Government, Commerce & Religion. Satan has counterfeited the True Worship of the Holy God, Jehovah. The masses are lead along by false hopes of going to Heaven as angels. Some believe they have a spirit living inside them that cannot die, like the angels who put on fleshly bodies, when the Flood began, they left their flesh and returned to the Heavens. Genesis 6:1-5 speaks of these, this may be why God chose to Flood the Earth, to force these to leave, once in Heaven, God forced them to inactivity in dense darkness.
What can we do? We are trapped here with men becoming more and more unsettled! The true worship of God and His purpose for the Earth and mankind have not ended. We must take in the knowledge from Him that we might be found on His side when He brings an end to this wicked world. John 17:3 states this, compare John 4:23,24 & 8:32. Truth is very important to God, we must truthfully know Him. We must recognize the difference between Him ,Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
There can only be ONE ALMIGHTY GOD, this what the word ALL MIGHTY means One Great Power. The Almighty God chose a personal name for Himself, it means, He causes to become. Whatever God promises He will do, He has the power and the ability to do. Isaiah 55:10,11 guarantees this: 10 For just as the rain and the snow pour down from heaven And do not return there until they saturate the earth, making it produce and sprout, Giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater,
11 So my word that goes out of my mouth will be. It will not return to me without results, But it will certainly accomplish whatever is my delight, And it will have sure success in what I send it to do. God loves His name and told Moses at Exodus 3:15 that He would have this name forever, we know the consonants to be JHWH in English, most believe that Holy Name must be JEHOVAH. If Satan can influence the entire world, we should expect that the Almighty can cause men to pronounce His Name to His Satisfaction.
The Book of Daniel was sealed away from mans understanding until these Last Days according to verses like Daniel 12:4 “As for you, Daniel, keep the words secret, and seal up the book until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant.”
In that book, Daniel, by inspiration defines a dream King Nebuchadnezzar had about the world powers who would rule over God’s people until the end of Satan’s World. There at Daniel 2:43-45 we find that God will pummel the last world power of the dream, a dual world power made up of mixed nationalities from the Earth, that Great Melting Pot must be the United States ruling with Great Britain. Daniel 7:26&27 shows that Jehovah will hold court and take away the last rulers of these 2 nations,including all the Earth’s rulers and give it to His Chosen Ones, this would be His Firstborn Angelic Son,Jesus, and what he described as 144,000 co-rulers with him, as Kings and Priest of God’s Extension of His Universal Sovereignty, that administration is known as God’s Kingdom.
Psalms 2 speaks about a time when God will remove the national leaders of this world and place Jesus as the sovereign. Daniel 12:1 promises a people will survive a Great Tribulation to be the first meek ones to inherit the Earth, Matthew 5:3. At Matthew 24, Jesus foretold the end of the Jewish system in 70 C.E., yet parts of the prophesy were not fulfilled, leading us to believe they must apply to a Greater Fulfillment! He spoke of the Good News of God’s Kingdom would be preached in all the inhabited Earth and then the End would come. He stated there would be an unsurpassed Great Tribulation of all time, where he would send angels to gather the remaining of the 144,000. Matthew 13:36-42 states angels would bring an end to many, then the remaining ones would shine. Ezekiel 38 speaks of the nations would be gathered against God’s people, as clouds covering the land, they come to destroy those who would inherit the Earth, when God turns His Forces against them, even against one another, they slaughter one another, to the point where not one is left alive.A theme of all this is that before their death, they will have to acknowledge that He Is Jehovah!
We all want peace and happiness, this is what Jesus’ rule of the Earth will deliver to the ones who he has protected through the Great Tribulation, Peace & Security, No more sickness, tears of pain and suffering, growing old or dying. For the people will receive the value of being forgiven of their sins, they will be returned to sinlessness! Restored to a perfect fleshly creation of God. This is the value of listening to Jehovah, everlasting life in a restored Eden, Earthwide! Acts 3:21 and Revelation 21:3-5 promise this to those who listen and obey, for their own benefit, the direction of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.