A Poison That Will Shorten Lives Of Billions


This Poison is Extremely Deadly.

You Can Come In Contact With It Anywhere In The World.  How Does it Bring About Death? How Deadly Is It?

You probably came in contact with it as a child. It may of been in your home.. It effects your vision and hearing first. Your Parents or Grandparents probably feed it to you for your own good, the same way their Parents and Grandparents did.

You know how when you are driving and concentrating on the road not looking to the left or right, its called tunnel vision. As you pass by things that seem ordinary, you may not even cut your eyes to see it. Your hearing can develop the same problem. After you have contracted it, it is very difficult to recover from it. However, if somehow you do, it’s like “How did I not See This”  If you are still reading this, there is hope for you.

The Bible say’s that the air of this world carries this poison. See Ephesians 2:2 The Poison is Preconceived, Its Falsehood. Its Lying. Its Taught as Fact. It is Propaganda that came directly from Satan and His Demons to Mislead Humans From Worshiping the True God, it has infected generation after generation since Adam and Eve. What has changed today? Joel 2 :28 states that at a future time, Jehovah God would pour out His Spirit upon every sort of flesh, this is that future time. What Falsehoods are Poisoning People Today?



According to the Bible any gods worshiped except for the Creator/ Almighty God Jehovah are false gods. If we break it down there are 2 sides, Jehovah’s side and Devil/Satan’s side, for Us it is a Choice of Life or Death. If you are on Satan’s side you cannot be on Jehovah’s side. If you are on Jehovah’s side you cannot be on Satan’s side. It is that simple.

The First Prophesy in the Bible.

At Genesis 3:15 it breaks it down this way. Speaking to Satan the Devil, Jehovah say’s  And I will put enmity between you (Satan) and the woman (Jehovah’s Angelic Organization) and between your offspring(wicked following Satan’s pattern) and her offspring (Jesus). He will crush your head (Satan’s), and you will strike him (Jesus) in the heel.

The Woman is God’s Heavenly Organization which gives birth to Jesus and the Kingdom of God verses Satan the Devil. Satan was to deliver Jesus a Heel Blow in that Satan killed Jesus but God Resurrected Him from the Dead, a Heel Blow. Jesus will deal Satan a Death Blow, in that He will capture Satan and all who are misled by him, including angels, demons and humans, then Destroy Him and his for all Eternity with no hope of a resurrection, a Death Blow. By our life course we show whether we are offspring of Jehovah God or offspring of Satan the Devil. Satan uses many things to draw people away from the worship of Jehovah God. You don’t have to worship Satan directly for him to claim you as a follower or be rejected by Jehovah God, he just has to keep you from or draw you away from worshiping Jehovah with your Whole Heart. Half-Hearted is all that is needed to null or mute your worship of Jehovah God.

What does Satan use to do this among Christians ?


false god list

Micah 4:5: “For all the peoples will walk, each in the name of its god,But we will walk in the name of Jehovah our God forever and ever.”

Why is God listed as a false god under Gods of Satan?

Many people worship God, our Heavenly Father, Our Creator yet they do not use His Holy Name, Jehovah. Do you think You and I could be truly intimate for all eternity and you never use my name? God is not His name, the name Jehovah separates Him from all other gods. Even Satan is described as a god and yet we do not call him god, we call him Satan. We assign qualities of Satan to his name, like liar, wicked and murderer.  See 2 Corinthians 4:4. We attribute all wickedness to Satan, “the Devil made me do it”is stated when someone does something wrong. The Bible refers to Satan as a Liar and the father of the lie.

Many false gods are listed in the Bible and we attribute qualities to their name. One was Moʹlech, His worshipers would cast their young sons and daughters into the fire as a gift to him.  See Jeremiah 32:35. If you are unable to use God’s name Jehovah in your prayers and worship of God, then you have not come to know God. The Poison that was given to people in their past has caused them not to be able to accept the truth. They speed through life and will not even stop to consider the facts.

False Religion is like counterfeit money. Satan has flooded the Earth with it. He has Colleges and Universities to teach, study and represent it. Highly educated men and women who cannot tell the difference between Biblical truth and falsehood, yet they are rewarded with diplomas and licenses and are considered to be the experts.

This is the greatest fraud ever committed. How many dollars have been given to religions to soften the face of God. Greedy men have used doctrines, like the Hell Fire doctrine, to line their pockets.   Luke 10:21 states  “… because you have carefully hidden these things from wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to young children”. Jehovah chooses who understands. That is why you don’t see it on CNN or 20/20, yet. A person must be earnestly seeking Jehovah and applying His principles to his or her life with the goal of pleasing Him even above pleasing self. He is examining our thoughts and motives and desires and knows each of us better and more honestly than we know ourselves. He is aware of every person seeing the hypocrisy of religions and is listening for their prayers “please show me the way”.

The Christian Trinity What Is It? Why is it Harmful ?

The Trinity Doctrine is a Formal Declaration of What a Religion Believes and Adheres to. The Christian Trinity Doctrine states that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are each God and part of a God Head. That they are co-equal, co-eternal and consubstantial.

The Bible does not support even one of these statements. Easy to find the errors in the thinking of men that wrote this belief. One error states that Jesus and The Holy Spirit are equal to God, that is a falsehood. Almighty God Jehovah is Almighty, Supreme, the Creator. Is that not what Almighty means? If He is Almighty can anyone else be? This is also brought out in the title Sovereign Lord Jehovah, it means He is Super Lord over all others. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not called Sovereign Lord in the Bible, only Jehovah is. So Jesus is not co-equal to Jehovah.

Jehovah did not have a beginning as Jesus did, Colossians 1:15 states that Jesus is the Firstborn of all creation, Jesus echoed this at Revelation 3:14,  so they are not co-eternal. The Holy Spirit is not an individual, it is a force, like God’s hand that He uses to accomplish what ever His will is at that time.  Being that the Holy Spirit is not a individual living spirit, it cannot be God. The Trinity Doctrine is a copy of trinities that foolish people who would worship anything that seemed to make it rain on their crops or multiply their herds or help fill their fish nets worshiped long before Jesus came to Earth . The Poison that was given to people in their past has caused them not to be able to accept the truth. They are speeding through life on the wrong side of the road and cannot see it. They in effect are see others going the wrong way.

Should We Worship Jesus ?

Many worship Jesus as God, which is a Falsehood. Jesus is a god, just as Satan is a god, they are lesser gods, that is why in the Bible it is written in lower case g, Where the Almighty God Jehovah is written in a Upper Case G, there can only be ONE Almighty God, the Creator, Jehovah, deserving of our worship. Jesus himself told people to worship God. See John 4:24 “God is a Spirit, and those worshiping him must worship with spirit and truth”. Truth is very important to Jesus and His Father Jehovah, neither of them can lie, and they would not accept any worship from us that is based on a lie.

Matthew 6:9 “Jesus gave this example of prayer:  “You must pray, then, this way:“‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified”  Jesus was concerned with the Reproach Heaped Upon God’s Name Jehovah, not his own. He gave this example for us to follow, Are You As A Follower of Jesus Christ Concerned About the Lies and Reproach of His Father, Jehovah? Would you as a son or daughter care about what people say about your father? It is only natural that Jesus would be concerned, and tells us to be.

He gave an example of how to pray to God. Those worshiping Jesus are actually working against him and what he taught, this means they are advancing the Devils cause. Do you think they can see that? If not then it proves another scripture in the Bible at 2 Corinthians 4:4″ among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, so that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through”

Jesus name means Jehovah is Salvation, Salvation is from Jehovah. Jesus is the Gift that was Given, We should worship the Giver.  People speed through life without really giving thought to what they have heard or been taught as FACT.

Jehovah God  the Giver

 or  Jesus the Gift  flowers

Should People Worship Saints ?

People wear Necklaces and Bracelets with emblems of Saints for different reasons. This is not acceptable to Jehovah God, He demands Exclusive Devotion. The only intercessor or helper we have with God is Jesus Christ, He is our Helper, Our Teacher, Our Redeemer and if we should not worship the perfect Son of God, we most certainly should not worship any imperfect men or women regardless of what the Church says.

Should People Worship Mary ?

She is called the Mother of God by some, this is a falsehood, the worship of God must be 100 percent true any falsehood in your worship makes it null and void to the God of Truth. Jehovah God had no beginning. Mary, Jesus and the Apostles each owe their life to Jehovah and were certainly proud to be asked by Him to Serve Him. Today, Millions of Angels gather before His Throne, eager to be given an assignment. Mary did a fine thing, but all Praise and Prayers should be directed to Jehovah God in Jesus Name.

Should People Worship the God of Luck ?

Refers to gambling and false hopes. People even pray to win. People doing such have the wrong view of the Person of God. How many families have been ruined because of a mate that could not stop gambling? Many think that God does not care about gambling and it’s their own business. However Jehovah does care about all who have been victimized by gambling, it will not be allowed in Paradise by Him.

Should People Worship Money ?

There is nothing wrong with money, we certainly all need it to buy life’s necessities. However when a person cannot satisfy their desire to be rich it pushes the thankful worship of God out of their life. What good will all that wealth be to those hording billions of dollars in the days ahead. The Bible declares neither their silver or gold will be able to deliver them during Jehovah’s Day and again it states people will throw their money in the streets because of its sudden worthlessness. Those who have put their Hope in it will be disappointed.

Fame or Glory:

The Bible makes it clear that we are all brothers and sisters with differing appearance and abilities. If we develop an appetite for praise from other people it will distort our view of others. Our Ego and Persona will push out our humility and we will think we are somebody, to important to serve God. Fast forward one million years, who do you think people will be speaking of then? Who has reached the level of Fame that people living on the Paradisaic Earth will call to mind? The Bible tells us that these things, the days of Satan’s Earth, will never be called to mind again.

Hitler, the Pope, the President of the United States none of them will be in any books or magazines read at that time. These days will be like a bad dream that will fade away in time. The only thing of importance that history will testify to is that Life without God’s Sovereignty was a miserable failure never to be allowed again.  Isaiah 65:17

Power or Authority:

This leads to an inflated opinion of ourselves much like fame does. Often someone will commit acts of wickedness to climb another step in this latter. Jehovah is the Supreme authority, He thinks highly of brothers and sisters that serve others in need without charge, as a gift or sacrifice to God. A person who achieves a level of authority will often loose the quality that God is looking for in followers, humility. In fact a way to view whether a organization is Theocratic or not is to look at the leaders. Have they given their time and energy, many hours a month, to help others without pay or title, just to have a better relationship with God? Are they promoting themselves or do they quote the Bible and God as the source of wisdom?


Jehovah created the sex act for the enjoyment of a married couple Only. Male and Female. Even trying to arouse a person sexually who you are not married to is a strain on your relationship with God and a hindrance to any prayers (sin). You cannot enjoy a good relationship with Jehovah if you are pursuing sex outside of the marriage arrangement. Today the pursuit of sex and sexual perversion has reached an all time high. Sex Sells is a common tactic. Drawing people away from God and His Standards of right and wrong. Romans Chapter 1 speaks about how Jehovah viewed them then and now, Jehovah God does not change.


We all want nice things. The worlds commerce system feeds on that desire, extorting it to where you can never have enough because of the new versions that come out continually. The world may judge us by what we have, and we may feel a need to keep up with the world to the point that it pushes everything else to the side. The Commerce system of this world is one of Satan’s Organizations. He uses it to separate people from one another and from God. He uses it to cultivate Greed and Corruption and Theft and Jealousy. It works very well for him.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, just like other times consuming things like the playing of sports, pursuit of pleasures eat up the hours in a day. There are limited hours in a day and limited days a week, time is needed to read the Bible, to meditate on the Bible and cultivate a faith in God and a relationship with Him, for He is your Life today and tomorrow.


Besides the time involved, many sports have added dangers for a Christian, the competitive spirit is dangerous just like the quest for fame and power.The competitive spirit leads people to believe they are better than others, which works against the humility needed to approach and serve God.

Why is Patriotism on the List?

Jehovah God has followers in nations around the world. Some are easier to live in then others. The Nations today are allowed to exist because Law and Order is necessary in the absence of God’s Kingdom. The danger exist in exalting the Nation to the point where it becomes a god and you look to it to solve mankind’s problems. It is easy to be led along by people talking about how good it will be if we follow them and their plan, to the point of being half-hearted towards God, which is not acceptable to  Jehovah. The Kingdom of God which we pray for, is coming not to take over the world peacefully, but suddenly and forcefully. What side will your Patriotism put you on then? You don’t have to worship Satan for him to claim you as a follower, you just have to draw away from Hoping in Jehovah God and His Kingdom. 1 John 5:19 Mark of the Wild Beast


more information on governments in the last days

Why is Politics on the List?

Can any human candidate solve mankind’s problems of disease, sickness and death. Jesus exhorted Christians to be no part of the World. See John 17:15,16.  Christians are to look to the Kingdom of God to bring about better conditions on Earth. No matter how good the intentions of a person to change the World for the Better, it is still Satan’s World. He is the ruler and influences the wicked everywhere to act wickedly. You don’t have to worship Satan for him to claim you as a follower, you just have to draw away from Jehovah God and Hope in Someone Else. 2 Corinthians 4:4

The Bible speaks of how the Creator and Almighty God views the World and it’s rulers. The Bible defines the worlds governments as sorely lacking by using the numbers 666. Where God’s Kingdom is a Perfect Government symbolized with the number 7 equaling Godly perfection. Human Governments are shown as 3 times lacking (666). No matter how well their intentions, they are plagued with imperfection from men and Satan. No ruler will ever receive God’s Holy Spirit as a helper. After all, the rulers are all part of Satan’s World and are influenced by Satan’s other organizations the Commerce system and the Religious organizations who both use  lobbyist.

A person running for government office in a democracy will use all sorts of tactics to lure people to their side. A christian hoping in God’s Kingdom to bring about the needed changes may be drawn to one side or the other which will lead to spiritual death. A christian cannot Hope in God and Satan’s World and expect to be accepted by Jehovah. As Moses told those led from Egypt “He is Your Life and the Length of Your Day’s”. Deut. 30:20. The Apostle Paul wrote “Bad Associations spoil useful habits” at 1 Cor.15:33.  Constantly listening to people promise how they will make your life better is bad association and can only lead to disappointment.

The Poison that was given you in your past has caused you not to be able to accept the truth, can you see how people, generation after generation, have been poisoned by ungodly men and their beliefs. At what cost? The First Man Adam was a Higher Life Form in that he was Perfect. His thinking was perfect. No, it cannot be described by anyone on Earth today, but it was much more than the human mind today. He most likely did not have random thoughts rushing through his brain at 400 per minute. Our Minds and Life span are restricted because of Adam’s act of disloyalty.

Adam was a Perfect creation of Jehovah God, much like Jesus Christ was created by Him. Both Adam and Jesus would have lived eternally if not killed. They would never catch a cold, the flu or any other virus or disease. Though millions of years old, his flesh would not age. He would never lose his hair or hearing or eye sight. In order for Adam not to pass on his human perfection, his flesh/dna had to be altered to keep his offspring from living forever or there must of been some nutrient in the Garden of Eden that supported human perfection. At any rate after Adam was forced from the Garden, mankind’s lifespan became progressively shorter and Jehovah placed a limit on it.  See Genesis 6:3

Considering this How Deadly Was the Poison Given Us?

If over 8 billion die under the age of 100 because they sped through life until the day they awoke as fighters against God because of the poison in the Air of this World, while a relatively few stop and examine their belief in God and adjust their life to more closely match his standards go on to live beyond our brain’s capacity to imagine today. I’d say it’s the deadliest poison known to man, religious falsehoods.

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