We are away from the Mound at present, yet our efforts continue. We strive day after day to invite all who will listen to listen. We have seen many things change in the last 120 years, yet God has not changed. He is moving many to lay hold of the only real hope for mankind. A Kingdom of God is the only reality though not seen. We seek and pray “Let Your Kingdom Come” and Let Everyone Who Drinks Life’s Waters in turn say”Come, Drink Life’s Water Free”

We are as many ants carrying out their God Given Assignments. Matthew 24:14 , Matthew 28:19,20 It does not matter where on the mound you are in Jehovah’s eyes as long as you are tuning your thoughts and behavior to have a closer enduring relationship with Him. We know the great love He has shown in recognizing each one of us. John 3:16

He shows great humility in hearing our prayers, even as we complain of our lot on the mound, His desire is we see ourselves as His people, unitedly resisting envy of one another. We remember Cain, who dwelt on the wrong thoughts of Abel his brother and the sacrifice he had given, Cain even resisting the counsel to turn around. Genesis 4:8

Jehovah’s Spirit is upon all of those loving Him upon the mound.
Like Moses, God’s Spirit may be upon different ones at different times to draw in new ones or encourage others, or do Jehovah’s will in ways we do not see. Like the Apostle Paul, we may reach out for greater service without being envious of the Governing Body or any other office that Jehovah is using in a greater way at this time.

We look at the older men as they allow the younger to do Jehovah’s will in that office.We all realize right now we are temporary and Jehovah will remember our efforts to magnify His Holy Name, to defend the Good News and spread the True Hope for the remainder of mankind.

Times and Seasons are changing, we earnestly pray for our dear friends who are under attack both physically and mentally, may their battles be momentary and light for we know our time may soon begin.

The kings of the Last Hour may be harsh, yet the fulfilled prophesy does strengthen our Hope and determination to survive that Great Day, my hope and prayer is that each of you endure the Night as the New Day begins to dawn, in Jesus dear name, So Be It.