Early in the Bible, mankind was united with Nimrod

a man in opposition to Jehovah. Genesis 10

God commanded the people to spread out upon the Earth,

Nimrod rallied them to build a tower in Babel.

Many follow men like him today!

Then, worship of God seemed like slavery,

yet Nimrod’s totalitarian work was an alternative.

Today, men make worship of God less demanding,

Their worship is not acceptable to God!

Yet, men easily follow them in this agreeable opposition.

Yes, even Christians use the relics like those of long ago.

They who say they represent Christ and the God he worshiped!

They insist on using images in opposition to God. Exodus 20:4

The Cross is much like the Tower of Babel,

It opposes the non-material spiritual approach to God.

The Tower was to ascend high above the recent flood waters,

Lifting the builders above the principles of God in their minds.

Yes, Nimrod had given them freedom!

The Churches have opened to the practice of any immorality

in opposition to God’s moral principles.

God scattered them, yet their unity still exists.

God sees their worship and petitions as disgusting!

In the near future, mankind will again unite,

Totalitarian thoughts will cleanse the Earth of God,

The people will seek “Peace & Security” in global unity.

Their opposition is foretold by God at Psalms 2

Where will the worshipers of God be?

They who are united in the true worship of God. John 4:23,24

They praise His chosen eternal name: Jehovah. Exodus 3:15

Two camps are foretold to be on Earth,

The Sheep are easily led by God through Christ.

The Goats resist the teachings that are binding found in the Bible.

God will draw them to a global situation. Revelation 16:14

They will be found by those assigned to them. Matthew 13:36-42

Afterwards, the Sheep will raise their eyes to the Heavens, Daniel 12:1

As they have always done, they will sing praises to Jah,

As He looks down upon them, they shine as His witnesses. Matthew 13:43

He promises to better their human experience! Revelation 21:3-5

As they look to Him to decide what is acceptable conduct,

Conduct that shows love for neighbor and unity with Him!