What IS important to Jesus?

important to Jesus

What is important to Jesus?

Jesus is concerned with the reproach that men and demons have put upon the Name and Character of his Father, Jehovah

Whats important to Jesus? Jesus was then and is today concerned with the reproach that had been laid upon His Father Jehovah by false teachings and men that wanted to elevate themselves above others. He put that first in the Lord’s Prayer. He said “Hallowed be thy Name”. He wanted His Father’s name to be set apart as something as Holy as Jehovah Himself is Holy. He has never done anything wrong, He is Holy, Spotless, without Error. He is the Highest Form of Life. He is the Righteous. Matt.6:9

To illustrate, Jehovah’s purity is much like the purest, whitest wool that has never been touched or even defiled by the contaminates in the air. Sinful humans on the other hand are muddy all over. Our thinking is impure, even our speech is imperfect, defiled compared with the pure language. Jehovah is so much higher than we are, He is able to read our hearts and our inner most thoughts. His thoughts are always chaste and upright. He will always act in Wisdom, Justice and Love. He uses these qualities to Harness His Great Power. He will never be deceived or mislead by us. He is the same today as He was thousands of years ago. The Rock, Perfect is His Activity.

The Jewish priestly class, the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s had begun to elevate themselves over the common people in Jesus day, they had added to the commandments of God and burdened the common people with heavier loads much like the clergy today. This is why the people were shocked that Jesus actually cared about them and taught them about Jehovah and His love for them.

What’s important to Jesus Today?

Today the clergy class have done something similar. They have taught false religious doctrines that lie about God. Christendom has gone to the other extreme in teaching God Loves You No Matter What You Do. They teach that God Wants People To Live In Heaven with Him. They teach all Saved or all Good people go to heaven. This is evident at their funerals.

If a child has an accident and dies on the operating table, the parents might be told, “he or she has gone home” or “that God took whoever they just lost to Heaven”. They may be trying to comfort the survivors, but saying that God is involved in anyway is a lie. How can He be a God of Love, yet destroy families by taking people to Heaven, why didn’t He just heal them and send them home? These lies make Him appear as a cruel God, someone that does not care about the Love a parent has for their child.

If a mate had died after 10 or 20 years of marriage, and Jehovah “had taken them because they were needed more in Heaven” would you feel God had deep love for you the survivor? It is Important to Jesus that all these lies stop, he makes the truth available to those who search for it.

The Bible states that most the people who have died in the last 6000 years are in Jehovah’s Perfect Memory, whether they died on land, at sea, or were burned to death. Everything about them is in His Memory. Jehovah is Greater than we can even understand at this time. The dead will remain there in His memory until His Judgment Day when the resurrected will be allowed to learn to live in harmony with Him or Not. For a small resurrected child this could take many years. Knowing that we die because we are alienated from God because of Adam’s Sin is the truth. Death and accidents happen because of what Adam and Eve did. All our thoughts, pain and suffering ends when we die. Matthew 11:11, Eccl 9:5,10 Matthew 10:30, Luke 12:7.

Just like Jesus we should pray that Jehovah’s name and reputation be cleansed of all Reproach that the churches preach. We should do what we can to set matters straight by bearing witness to the truth found in Jehovah’s own Word, the Bible. see John 4:23,24, 17:17

Why God may appear to be asleep?

Why is Jehovah not doing anything to make our life better? Why do people suddenly die? Why did God not stop World War 1 and 2? Why are children starving in some places? Why does God not help the people of Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran or others? After Adam sinned against God, he was thrown out of the Garden of Eden physically and spiritually. As Adam’s offspring we are sinful, as His enemies we are separated from God, on our own until we are invited back to God’s spiritual paradise which represents His Favor.

Hence, even though “God is love” and even though “God loved the world [of mankind] so much that he gave his only-begotten Son” on mankind’s behalf, the fact remains that mankind as a whole has been in a state of enmity toward God and that God’s love toward the world of mankind was love toward enemies, a love guided by principle (Gr., a·gaʹpe) rather than affection or friendship (Gr., phi·liʹa).—1Jo 4:16; Joh 3:16; compare Jas 4:4. See Reconciliation 

We are like criminals separated from a society that wants follow the laws. He is not blessing people with riches, saving people lives or using them to rule churches or countries. Genesis 3:15 states that we are at enmity with Jehovah God. As Adam’s offspring our lives reflect Genesis 3:16-19. Highlighting this fact Ecclesiastes 9:11 shows things can and do happen outside Jehovah’s favored sovereignty.

Why are Churches flooded right along with everything else? Why does God not protect the congregations and their property? Why does he not protect any religion?  This testifies to His resolve to wait until His Great Day to begin, justice will better be served if everyone that comes to know Him Must Exercise Faith before He draws them closer to Him. When He does Stand Up for His People it will be Suddenly. When Will God Take Action?

The Bible states God is causing a Bible Teaching Work to be Accomplished. Revelation 14:6 , Daniel 12:4

How long will this time of enmity with God last? It has lasted some 6000 years since Genesis 3:15 was spoken by God. The Seed (spoken of in Gen.3:15) that will remove Satan from our lives is Jesus. He said that we would know when he was coming back by a composite sign of events, when terrible events are happening on Earth like never before. He said that one good event would be happening while all the bad was playing out. Matthew 24:14 says that “And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.”  This Defines When God Will Act, Has the Good News of God’s Kingdom Been Preached?

All the Nations can testify to the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses have knocked on door after door, one complete street then the next until they have all been done. Most of the inhabited Earth has been reached. Some doors and whole states have been approached many times. Generations have been spoken to at the same doors. When no one answered, printed material, like the Watchtower or Awake magazines which announce and explain God’s Kingdom, were left. Their diligent efforts bear witness to Jehovah’s quality of Justice, by advertising His Rule and His Great Day before He acts.


Jehovah’s Witnesses bear witness to the fact that “Satan has blinded the minds of unbelievers” and He has used Religious Falsehoods to satisfy the Spiritual Need of people. Christians around the World have let Men tell them what the Bible says, using doctrines and words not found in the Bible, these Men have not acted faithfully toward their congregations but have defrauded them with counterfeit goods. 2 Cor 4:4, Matthew 24:14, Mark 13:10

Jesus was Concerned with making it know that Jehovah Cares about each of us, but the time had not come for Him to set matters straight.

What else was important to Jesus? The Jews in Jesus day wanted a Messiah that would liberate them from Roman Rule. They knew that the Messiah would be a Great King, they did not understand that Jesus came at that time to fulfill the first Bible prophesy written at Genesis 3:15. The Messiah, or Seed, had to be attacked by Satan first, before becoming a Great King. As Genesis 3:15 foretold the Seed or Messiah would be given a “Heel Blow” by Satan. This Satan did when he influenced the Jewish Leaders to hand Jesus over to the Romans to be put to death. This became a Heel Blow, when three days later Jehovah raised His Son from the Grave as a spirit, just like he was before Jehovah took the essence of what Jesus was in Heaven and implanted him in Mary’s womb.

Jesus came to tell when and what Jehovah will use to Bless Mankind

Being the King in God’s Kingdom is very important to Jesus. In the Lord’s Prayer after showing his concern for God’s name, the second thing to pray for is God’s Kingdom, ”Let Your Kingdom Come, let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,” Jesus will exercise God’s Sovereignty from Heaven over the Earth as King of God’s Kingdom. His Kingdom is a Real Government that will soon replace every government on Earth. Jehovah has chosen 144,000 others from the Earth to rule with Jesus. Like Jesus, they understand what it is like being a human being. The goal of the Kingdom arrangement is to help each of us understand what Jehovah expects from each of us and bring the human family back from what Adam lost.  Revelation 7:4 see opening image

When will Jehovah Set Matters Straight?

When will the Kingdom Rule the Earth?

After World Wars, great earthquakes and famines. Matt. 24:3-13, see Luke 21:7-19

After many false prophets disgorge thousands of counterfeit religions. This Satan has done to mislead and frustrate people search for the Truth.

After All the Nations hate Jehovah’s Witnesses because of His Name.

After an increase in crimes around the world.

During a time of Political uncertainty and unrest. Dan.2:43

During a time when men have ruined the Earth. Rev. 11:18

After a Worldwide preaching campaign about the Kingdom Good News. Matthew 24:14


What Does the Near Future Hold?

First, human governments will no longer allow Religions on Earth, they will all be destroyed and their riches will be taken by the governments. The one religion in God’s favor will then be attacked by Satan and those with him. Satan and the Spirits that have joined him in rebellion against Jehovah will all be gathered and placed in prison-like bonds, just as it appears they are about to destroy the last religious group on Earth. We will no doubt feel like a weight is lifted of us at that time and Praise Jehovah much like those who came through the Red Sea burst out in spontaneous Praise to Jehovah God for His Saving Acts.  Revelation 17:16,17 Ezekiel 38:17-23

Then every human that resist Jesus, through human governments and their military will be defeated. Then everyone that resists Jesus or will not submit to Jehovah’s sovereignty will be defeated. Those left over, the survivors that are willing to be led by Jesus will certainly be thankful, they will not mourn those destroyed by Jesus, for they know and bear witness to the fact that a global preaching campaign has knocked on virtually every door on Earth, seeking anyone willing to learn the Bible Truth and prepare for the Kingdoms transition.

Immediately after those days, birds and flesh eating animals will gorge themselves on the rotting flesh outside. Then, a global campaign to find and bury every bone. Next attention will be given to destroying every gun or weapon of any kind, along with every part of former military equipment and uniforms. Many spoils of this world will go to the survivors. Many artifacts of false religion, now worth millions, will be destroyed and reduced to dust because they were used to mislead and promote lies. Ezekiel 39:4-24

When Jesus is King over Earth,What Prayers will be Answered ?


Eternal Life. Then will come the blessings that Jesus wanted everyone to pray and hope for with all their hearts. Men and women near a hundred years of age will begin to feel younger and more energetic. Their flesh will begin to look younger as it did when they were 25-30 years of age. Job 33:25 ,               Isaiah 40:29-31

Health. Those who have never seen with their eyes will be healed of whatever the problem was. The deaf and the mute will also have their hearing and speech restored. They will then certainly praise Jehovah for not forgetting them. The lame will walk at first, and then run out of sheer joy. Amid all the healing will be many tears of joy, and the words ”O’ Jehovah , Thank You, Thank You.”  see Isaiah 33:24

Resurrection. Then another global teaching work will begin.  Jesus will use Jehovah’s perfect memory to resurrect those in the Memorial Tombs. Men and Women who have served Jehovah in the last 100 years will be restored to their surviving family members, and will join the other teachers. Then, likely men of old that knew Jehovah well will be brought back and taught about Jesus and the ransom for Adam’s sin and the Kingdom arrangement. Men like Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David, King Hezekiah, Daniel and many more who stood up for Jehovah in previous days. Every grave will be emptied, everyone lost at sea will return.  see Acts 24:15, John 5:25-28

Food. The Earth will be blessed by Jehovah, where weeds once grew; edible food will know take its place. Grain will sprout even on the top of mountains. Men and women with their children will enjoy working on Earth, all will share in cultivating the whole planet. Where concrete jungles once stood, homes and gardens and parks will then beautify the area. Psalms 72:16

Homes. Families will enjoy building on their own land, Beautiful homes from stones they have collected from their journeys around the globe. Or bricks that they made with their own hands or trees that they have planted, then harvested just for that purpose. Isaiah 65:21,22

Peace. The animals on Earth will be blessed too. Just as everybody is at Peace on Earth, the animals too, will enjoy peace with each other and everybody alive. Every animal you may fear today will then play in your yard with your children. Isaiah 11:6-9. There will Peace and Security on Earth.              Isaiah 65:23-25

New Scrolls will be revealed, everything will be done to bring us back into a good relationship with our God and Creator, Jehovah. Jesus has always had a deep love for the human family he helped to create. At the Height of His Kingship, Jesus will let Satan try to turn us back to the life we have now for a very short time. Revelation 20:12

Then Jesus will bring the first prophesy in the Bible to an end. At Genesis 3:15 it states that the Seed, Jesus, would strike Satan and those with him in the Head, a Death Blow. Some Seven Thousand Years after the prophesy was spoken by Jehovah it now has been accomplished.

Jesus now presents all his work of restoring us to Spiritual and Physical Paradise over to Jehovah. There will now be no end to the Peace on Earth. Peace between Men, Animals, Earth and Most of All, Peace with Jehovah our God.

Some of those alive at that time will be nearly eleven hundred years old and have never died. They went door to door as Jehovah’s Witnesses to hold out an invitation by Jehovah to learn more about Him. They spoke with their family,friends and workmates about the Kingdom of God. They have seen The Great and Fear Inspiring Day of Jehovah. They have witnessed the Resurrection of many men and women, like Abel, the first murder victim. Others like Rehab, who left the religion of her land. She befriended Jehovah’s people. They will have experienced their bodies returning to youthful vigor. They have had family members who were dead brought back to life. They wake up every morning with nothing to fear. Jehovah, whose name means “He causes to become”, has caused the Earth to be full of those who enjoy the Blessings of Jehovah, that were foretold in His Word the Bible, He has Caused It to Become.

At this time Jehovah will do away with Hell, the human grave, which was created because of Adam’s rebellion. Those living at that time would have to choose death. This is something that would be unreasonable, unthinkable to those living then who are given the opportunity to Live Forever in Paradise on Earth and Enjoy Speaking the Pure Language with Jehovah Our God and Father.

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