“They pained even the Holy One of Israel.”

With Verses like this we can always ask “How are we different today than they were then?” They were unfaithful the most in two ways, they bowed to false gods and often relied on their own thinking and solutions when problems arose. Our false gods may be different, but they are what the world around us give their time and attention to, Wealth, Possessions, Immorality, Fleshly Pleasures and Entertainment.

“They pained even the Holy One of Israel.” (Ps. 78:41) 

What Common ways do we rely on our own thinking instead of His? Interfaith marriages, bad association from work or school after hours, entertainment, pornography and dress.

We have many advantages in seeing how their conduct turned out ,along with the Psalms and Proverbs, Jesus’ and the Apostles experiences and teachings.

So what is the danger we face? There may be a sudden moment where we might take a false step. We need to remember the times we have felt a fog between us and Him, the times when prayer was difficult, and the sorrow we felt. We know that a flame will burn our skin and cause us pain, our past experiences help us not to get to close to the fire. Remembering how we pained Him in the past, can help us act wisely today and from now on.