Justice Has Not Advanced in 2000 Years

Russian Ban Of Jehovah's Witnesses.Justice Has Not Advanced in 2000 Years

Just as Jesus was Charged, Tried and Condemned

His Innocence was ignored due to the Lofty Position of those pressing the Government for His Death. Is That Justice? The Clergy Class Today has elevated their Place above common men. Just as in Jesus day, the clergy used their influence over the masses to pervert Justice. Pressing the Roman state to put an innocent man to death. Can that happen today?

It does. Today Russian Courts have turned a blind eye to the innocence of Jehovah’s Witnesses by imposing a Ban on all their Religious Activities. Even though there was a mock trial, a video showing Authorities planting evidence, all reasoning by the defendants was ignored. It certainly appeared the Court had made their decision prior to the trial. An Appeal to Russia’s Highest Court was over in less than an hour. Such occurrences make a mockery of Justice Everywhere. When you go to court, you have good reason to wonder about the integrity of the Judges if religion is involved anywhere because this is not an isolated case, just one of the more blatant.

Why does this happen? Because like Jesus, Jehovah’s Witnesses point out the falsehoods in religious doctrines that organizations like the Russian Orthodox Church teach as truth. No worship can be acceptable to a God of Truth when the worshippers blatantly teach falsehoods. So to protect their business and elevated status over the common untaught parishioners, the Clergy barter influence with political leaders just as they did against Jesus.

Now because they have the backing of Church and State individuals are committing all types of heinous acts of religious hatred against school children, employees and families. Witness Homes are being burned, they are imprisoned, and they are beaten by people claiming to have a higher religion. Jesus had a principled love for people, he taught the truth to any who wanted to listen. Jehovah’s Witnesses try to follow Jesus example believing that every person on Earth should be given the opportunity to learn what Jesus taught before what the Bible calls ”The Great and Fear-Inspiring Day of Jehovah”. That is an example of God’s Justice, to warn everyone before He acts, He warned the people in Noah’s Day, He certainly warned Pharaoh of Egypt and He has warned virtual everyone on Earth Today.

Job 37:23 say’s this about God:

“Understanding the Almighty is beyond our reach;

He is great in power,

And he never violates his justice and abundant righteousness.”

Should This Not Be the Goal of Everyone Worshipping God, To Never Violate What Is Just and Fair?

The Second part of this outrage is there is no cover up, they went through the motions to do what they wanted to do: Get Rid of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Confiscate All Their Property and Branch Headquarters Buildings.

The Jewish Leaders pressed the Roman Leadership to put Jesus to Death, as they did hanging him upon a stake. Success, he’s gone. Many of them probably never acknowledged that he was God’s son, just as the Jewish religion does not today. In the same light, the powerful of Russia may feel Success, yet we see only Sadness and Failure.