True Peace and Security is Wanted by Many

Satan has a vast organization that is misleading the majority of people today. See Daniel 10:13 , Ephesians 6:12 , Revelation 12:12  They even Inspire the Kings of the Earth 16:14

The 1st man Adam and many angels after him left off being in subjection to God and His Principles of Behavior. They used the Free Moral Right Given Them by God to Rebel against Him. We need to do the Opposite, We need today to Subject our free will to follow our Creators Guidance and Moral Code. God will end this rebellion on a Preset Day that is very near. He Will Show Love to All those who Echo the Words of Revelation 4:11 in Thought and Actions
“You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things, and because of your will they came into existence and were created.”

Do You Believe This? That God, Our Creator, Has Knowledge of the Best Way to Live? That He is Worthy to Receive from us Acknowledgment ? Obedience? Even Praise?

What Does He Want From Us?  Consider Isaiah 48:17-18

Jehovah God has great love for what He imagined millions of years ago: A Beautiful Planet, maybe the first of many, Full of Life of Many Kinds. One Type of Life is Especially Dear to Him, Mankind, why? Because He endowed man with a Consciousness of Life and being alive and of Right and Wrong in Imitation of His Being. A rebellion broke out after He created the Earth and men and women, but that did not change God’s Purpose, it only delayed it for six thousand years. This Time we live in will serve as a judicial touchstone for All Time. The Last 6000 years prove that mankind cannot successfully Govern Themselves. See Jeremiah 10:23 

Once this Rebellion is Quelled by Him, when He sets Jesus as King over the Earth, no one will ever be allowed to abstain from God’s Sovereignty as Unjust or Say Man Can Rule Themselves, “We Don’t Need God”.

As we saw at Isaiah 48:17 & 18 following God’s Direction will bring Real Peace for humankind, just as it will for all the Animal Kingdom we discussed in the previous post. Security is an Important feature of Peace, Jehovah knows this and has foretold our time and how the survivors will feel after His Intervention at Micah 4:3-5Psalms 72:7 

Suddenly, in One Hour, God’s Kingdom will End the Rebellion Against Him we see everywhere today. One Great War is coming, Let Us Show We Support God’s Kingdom During this Time of Relevant Peace by Learning More about Him that We May Truly say “You Are Worthy Jehovah Our God”

Daniel 12:1,2 , Matthew 24:21,22 , Joel 2:31,32 , Isaiah 26:20