Concerning Our Judgment Day

judgment day

Why is there a Judgment Day?  When will Judgment Day be?  Many have heard of Judgment Day, however do you know why there will be a Judgment Day?

Judgment Day is an Extension of the Court Held after Adam,Eve and Satan Rebelled Against Jehovah God written in Genesis 3. We find that God sits again in this matter at Daniel 7:10,26-28

Concerning Our Judgment Day: Thoughts of Genesis 3 verse 15 and its importance to our life.

1. Articles entered into the record: The book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible explains how God created all things. Genesis chapter 1 says that using His Great Power, a Cardinal Attribute of Jehovah God, He first  created a Son, an Angel that would grow closer and closer to his Father over eons, this Son came to be His Only Begotten Son, later known as Jesus. As Jehovah God loves life, He began creating more angels through Jesus, hundreds of millions of Angels, they are referred to as the Sons of God, having names and rank and the ability to discern right from wrong.

All the Sons of God being created in Heaven, for Life  in Heaven. God is eternal, He did not create angels to live a short time then die. No, He created them to enjoy life with Him for eternity. Angels are neither male or female, however they are all referred to as “sons”.  The angels assemble before the Throne of God to do His will. God allows them to offer their thoughts on how they should do this. The Creative works of Jehovah God expanded to the physical heavens. Each Creative Day may have been millions of our years in length. Great Wisdom, a Cardinal Attribute of Jehovah God  is evident in the things created. How life, food and water is still plentiful today, eons from the beginning.

His Great Love, another Cardinal Attribute of Jehovah God, is seen in the beauty and variety of vegetation and the many forms of animal life, their love of being alive is seen in their playful acts. Some animals live in family units, show concern for other life and are protective of their mate and offspring. Some parts of creation give a person a sense of awe, others appear comical. You can sense the power, love and even the joy Jehovah experienced while designing life. Jehovah’s Love moved Him to create Man, male and female He created them.

First He created Adam, a perfect man without defect, at seeing this it is written that the Sons Of God, angels spoken of previously, burst out in applause over this great work. Jehovah and Adam spent many years together, He showed Adam the animal creation and allowed him to name them, Jehovah taught Adam many things. Then Jehovah put Adam into a deep sleep, He then took a rib from Adam and used it to create the first woman, Eve. See Genesis Chapters 1 and 2.

2. The Criminal Charges: Seeing how the animals were subject to Adam, Eve was subject to Adam, Adam was subject to God. A Son of God, one of the angels spoken of previously, became envious of the reverence Adam was giving God. His jealousy lead him to plot to usurp that subjection of Adam and Eve. This Angel spoke through a serpent to deceive Eve and question Jehovah’s right as sovereign. Eve listened to the Angel question Jehovah’s right to rule over her and Adam. The Angel told Eve that God was holding back something that could benefit Eve. He said she could become like God if she ate from the tree. Eve ate a piece of fruit from the one Tree that Jehovah had set aside as His. After tasting of that fruit, she convinced Adam to eat the fruit as an act of deviance against Jehovah God and His sovereignty, breaking the one law given him. Adam was a perfect man, sinless, with the prospect of everlasting life now charged with willful disobedience, Jehovah God displays Justice just as He does Love, Wisdom and Power setting the highest standard without partiality or bias. Eye for Eye describes the value needed to set matters straight, Adam gave his life to disobedience, a life of equal or greater value would have to be given for obedience, to begin the process of restoring Adams offspring back to a favorable standing before God. All the angelic Sons of God came to know about how Adam had rebelled against God, Adam knew the crime carried the penalty of death. Justice had to take place. See Genesis 3 verses 1-13.

3. Why There Has to Be Justice?  Jehovah God is a Righteous God, all His dealings with us or the angels will be what is Fair and Right. He is the Judge of all creation, He is Holy, setting the Highest Standard as Judge and Lawgiver. These qualities give us assurance that He will deal with us fairly. If He did not hold Adam to the same standard as He does the angels then they could say there is a defect in Jehovah’s Justice. Even though he loved Adam as His first human son, He acted justly, Adam must die just as he was told before he ate the fruit.

Out of Love for His creation, not Adam, but the principle of human life, Jehovah allowed Adam and Eve to bear offspring. The offspring would be less than the perfect life Adam and Eve enjoyed before they transgressed. We are all degenerates of that life. (This is Why we are involved ) Adam had severed the good relationship he enjoyed with Jehovah for himself and his offspring. His offspring would not be able to enjoy a conversation with Jehovah God until what Adam selfishly forfeited for his wife, his perfect human life, was restored or paid to the Divine Court as reparation. How could that ever happen, neither Adam or Eve were perfect or sinless any longer. How would Adam’s offspring ever be relieved of this debt?  Eye for Eye, Life for Life, justice must take place to satisfy the debt Adam put upon his offspring or life would continue on this course to the ruination of the planet and the life on it.

4. What of the angel that spoke through the serpent? We do not know his name before this act, afterwards he is labeled as Satan meaning resister and Devil meaning slanderer. The Genesis record shows us that Satan was tried as Adam was. Satan had lied about Jehovah God thus slandering Him, he told Eve that she would not die if she ate the fruit as Jehovah had told her and Adam, but she would become like God. The Devil implied that God was holding them back by restricting her and Adam with unnecessary rules and regulations, adding doubt to the Righteousness of Jehovah God’s rule. If this was true of Adam and Eve, what of the angels, was Jehovah holding them back? Court was held in Heaven, a death sentence was announced for Adam and Eve, however there was no mention of torment. Adam was the one that disobeyed Jehovah, He allowed him to live 930 years, yet Jehovah said nothing about tormenting him in a burning hell forever.If the transgressor was not tormented, it would be unjust to torment his offspring.

Adam a perfect form of life (sinless) the one who was disloyal and disobedient and Jehovah sentenced him to death only. Jehovah did not speak with them after this. The future was first foretold at Genesis 3 verses 14-19 .Satan’s accusations were addressed, his sentence also was death, yet Jehovah would allow him and all the other angels to see how wrong Satan was. At Genesis 3 verse 14  Jehovah God speaking to the serpent / Satan was casting him out of God’s favor, stripping Satan of rank and/or the privilege of association, thus putting him into spiritual darkness and describing a miserable existence, however, his sentence is absent any mention of torment in a burning hell for all eternity. The burning hell must be something invented by men, by this they slander God even more.

5. Nearly 6000 years ago Court was recessed to allow the passage of time to show that humans cannot govern themselves successfully. Since Jehovah God is Judge, He has resisted being overly involved in mans affairs. This is the answer to the question “Where is God?” He is allowing these things to show that Satan was lying to Eve, Jehovah was not holding back some secret of life, Adam and Eve’s life did not improve after disobeying God. All of Adams offspring have suffered because of his disloyalty. Yet God did set a day, a day that will end the time allowed Satan to be involved in mans affairs. Satan is trying to show man does not need God’s rule. A day is coming that will end the time allowed men to govern themselves, a day that will end the time allowed men to ruin the planet, a day that will be the end of the time allowed to answer the issues. Each passing day brings us closer to that day, the last of this system of things.

6. The Issues: Does Jehovah God have the right to rule?  Does God know what the best way of life is for His creation?  Should He allow all sorts of wickedness or should He limit such things to the blessing of those trying to live in harmony with His direction?  If left alone,would Humans ever assemble a government that will bring Peace and Security Earth wide eternally with equality to ever man?

7. Does Jehovah God have the right to rule?  When a potter takes a lump of clay and begins to mold it, does He not have authority over what He will create and what it will be used for. These same rights our creator has over us , yet Jehovah does not lord it over us, He does not force anyone to do something they do not want to do as some human rulers do. He does however endeavor to teach us to benefit ourselves. He being our designer and creator knows more about what will bring us to Peace and Happiness then we ourselves. See Isaiah 48 verses 17-18.

8. Should He allow all sorts of wickedness?  All you have to do to answer this question is turn on the television, read a newspaper, surf the web. The entire planet is in turmoil. Wickedness of every sort is abundant, even among those who recommend themselves as Men of God. Power dominates the thinking of men and women. Greed dominates the thinking of some as they climb the ladder over the rest of us, Glory dominates the thinking of some as it has Satan, Beauty dominates the lives of many, Sexual experiences dominates the thinking of others, Drugs of every kind are destroying the lives of many as they try to escape the reality that this world is so cold. Your life is nothing to many, they will kill you in a heartbeat for no apparent reason. Should God allow this to go on?

9. Can Humans assemble a government that will bring Peace and Security Earth wide eternally? Many forms of government have been tried since the beginning of mankind. Many countries had Kings or something similar like early Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, the Medes and Persians, The Romans established a Republic, which has been used by others. Other forms are totalitarian, communistic, theocracy, democracy and forms of these. In all these forms of government, great injustices have taken place. Slavery of different kinds have existed down through the ages. Even now there is great inequality between the rich and poor, the opportunity open to a few but not to all. If we all lived 60 years, why should one man’s hour of work  be worth thousands and another be worth fifteen dollars. Domination, prejudice, inequality, partiality, bias by force, by war, by race, by education, by class, by wealth have all been a normal part of life since Adam was forced from the Garden of Eden. The Bible states that “Man has dominated man to his injury.” See Ecclesiastes 8 verse 9. Do you believe that the Bible is right about that?  The miserable failure of all forms of human government over the last 6000 years is evidence enough that Man cannot properly govern himself. We need a higher impartial governor, thus we ask God: Let your Kingdom come.

10. Governmental Examples: The Bible record, inspired from the same God from beginning to end, should have internal harmony from beginning to end and it does. The overall theme of the Bible is the Kingdom of God and how Adam’s debt would be paid. The Bible book of Genesis shows how Jehovah God was fond of the man Abraham and determined to use his children, generation after generation, as examples, culminating in the greatest blessing to all men. The Bible books of Exodus through Nehemiah have many examples of rulers of the offspring of Abraham who came to be called the nation of Israel. The rulers that paid attention to the will of God and the worship of God did well. King Solomon was a prime example of this, he is revered because of the glory of his rule, the overall peace of the nation of Israel, the wealth and wisdom that came to him because he glorified God. Yet as he aged, his foreign wives influenced him to build altars to other gods. Like many other examples in the Bible, when King Solomon began to honor other gods, he lost Jehovah God’s favor. He is just another example of how all worship or all roads do not lead to the same place.

11. Can Humans be restored to the relationship Adam enjoyed before his transgression?  The Bible points to Jesus Christ, a descendant of Abraham, yet not of a sinful human father, a perfect man, as the one who would be put to death and then resurrected to Heaven to offer His Perfect Life against Adams Debt and then prepare to rule as King of Gods Kingdom. In fact this is what was foretold when Adam, Eve and Satan were sentenced at Genesis 3 verses 14-19. Verse 15 reads:  And I will put enmity between you(Satan) and the woman (Jehovah’s Loyal Angelic Organization) and between your offspring (Unfaithful Angels/Demons and Organizations used by Satan) and her offspring(Jesus).He will crush your head(Satan’s head), and you will strike him in the heel(Jesus heel).Read Genesis 3 verses 14-15. As we see it today, Satan struck Jesus in the heel in that Jesus although murdered by those used by Satan was resurrected to Heavenly Life, a heel blow. Jesus has not as yet crushed or delivered a death-blow to Satan, so the first prophecy of the Bible is still ongoing. Jesus was Loyal to Jehovah through all He was tested with, proving that Adam could have remained loyal. Jesus thus paid the debt for all of Adam’s offspring.

12. Almost all the dead will be able to take advantage of what has been done to rectify Adam’s transgression. Yes most of the dead including Noah and his descendants, Abraham and his descendants, Job and his descendants and billions more. Most of the people you may of thought went to Heaven or Hell are still in the grave waiting. Waiting for what, their day in court. Acts 17 verse 31 say’s Because he has set a day on which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth (not just the living) in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed, and he has provided a guarantee to all men by resurrecting him from the dead  Almost everyone who has died is still in the grave or in reality in Jehovah God’s perfect memory. They are not in any pain, they know nothing of their condition, much like being in a very deep sleep waiting for God to wake them up. Read Ecclesiastes 9 verses 5 and 10. Does this not describe the dead as totally inactive? Looking ahead this would mean that if we survive the first part of Judgment Day, (the days or months that all the living will be judged) we would have the opportunity to meet those resurrected from the dead over the next many years, maybe even be able to teach some of them about Jehovah and Jesus and all that has occurred.

13. Is that something You would want?  To be there when a Father or Mother or Brother or Sister or Grandparent or Aunt or Uncle is resurrected? Would you like to meet Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Alexander the Great, Noah, Moses, Amelia Earhart, George Washington or Christopher Columbus almost everyone who has ever lived will be resurrected. They will then be given the opportunity to learn about Jehovah God. They will need to be taught about Jesus Christ and how He paid Adams debt by those who have been taught and survive the Judgment Day having never experienced death at all see Revelation 7 verse 14.  It may take several years to teach resurrected young children about Jesus life course and Sacrifice and be given the opportunity to live in harmony with Jehovah God’s sovereignty. This will be similar to the Home Bible studies offered today by Jehovah’s Witnesses that are teaching people about these  most  important subjects. Going back to our theme of Judgment Day, you would expect a God of Justice to warn people all over the world what is fast approaching. As He is today.

14.We have not yet reached the day that God has appointed as Judgment Day. It will occur while Jesus is ruling as King over the Earth with those appointed to rule with Him as Kings and Priests, as you look around, you can see that Satan is still ruling on Earth today, yet he will soon be restrained for a long time and Jesus rulership will start immediately . Please read 2 Corinthians 4 verse 4. This shows that the ruling god is different then the Almighty God. When Jesus contains the god of this system of things, Satan, and begins His rule the Judgment will begin of those living on the Earth at that time. After that the resurrection of the dead will begin.

15. When will Judgment Day begin?  The Bible says that time is compiled differently in Heaven than it is on Earth.  Our sun does not govern the begin of a new day in Heaven as it does here. Jehovah is abundant in power, He does not sleep at night and awake on the next day. Jehovah tells us that one of his days is similar to a thousand years on Earth. We understand too, that there are times He relates time differently, like if He speaks about things that happened in Noah’s day He is speaking about a period time defined by the subject, the lifetime of Noah. Here the subject is Noah, where he speaks of a creative day the period would be defined on how long it took to create the subject. Interestingly creation was measured by a week of days, six of work one of rest. Adam was told that if he ate from that one tree, he would die in that day. Adam lived 930 years in all, less than the 1000 years that are defined as one day in heaven, so from that point of view Adam did die in that day.

Secondly, Jehovah did not speak with Adam after their day in court, in this sense too, Adam died on that day. What about our Judgment Day, it would seem likely that Jehovah set the date it would occur at the same time He announced that Jesus would deal Satan a deadly blow at Genesis 3. Adam’s creation was 6042 years ago. Seeing so much evidence that the End is near, it would make sense that He determined 6000 years to allow Satan to make his case. Just what the date of Adam’s transgression was is still in question, his age at that time is limited . The transgression must have taken place before the conception of their first child or that child would have been perfect, which would have changed history as we know it.
16. Looking back to when Jehovah first held court for Adam, Eve and Satan we see the importance of that day and how it affects us. Would the Bible have been written if there was not a transgression, probably not, the Bible was written because Adam’s sin severed us from physical perfection and Jehovah’s favor. The Bible is to explain what happened and what is being done to bring us back from this degenerative condition. They each spoke directly to Jehovah God and He spoke back as He did with Adam and Eve as it says at Genesis 3 . They both had heard Jehovah speak to them, like when He said to her “What have you done? ” and she answered Him . Seeing that Jehovah quit speaking with Adam because of his sinfulness, can you see a time when He will be heard again by men and women on Earth. After the last day of Judgment Day, after we are entirely returned to Jehovah’s favor, its likely He will speak to us in groupsImagine even a convention where Jehovah is a Special Guest Speaker, there to announce a new creation or a better understanding of our physical universe to the eager listeners below. If He becomes especially fond of us, as he has men like Abraham, Moses or Job, it’s certainly possible He could stop in to say Hi……

17.  We see many facets of the Bible add to the understanding of that day of judgment in Genesis.  Jesus identified the rebellious angel that spoke through the serpent as Satan the Devil. Revelation 12 verse 9 foretold that a time would come when Satan and the angels/demons that sided with him would be cast out of Heaven and prevented from leaving the Earth until Judgment Day. Looking back can you see one year that is marked in history as the year the world changed from bad to worse? Would it not stand to reason that year was the one that Satan and many demons were cast to the Earth and kept there as prisoners? Jesus foretold that the time before Judgment Day would be marked by Great Events, Great Wars, Great Diseases, Great Earthquakes, Great Food Shortages, Great Lawlessness, a Great Preaching Campaign of the Good News and just as it was in Noah’s Day people would try to ignore these things and go on with their lives until the rain started to fall.

18. The Apostle Paul wrote at 2nd Timothy 3 verses 1-5 the dominant attitude of people in the days leading up to Judgment Day ” But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power and from these turn away.” Do you see that these attitudes are pervasive all over the Earth Today? Increasingly so? Do you believe that this must mean that Judgment Day is upon us? So what can we do? What should we do?

19. Adam showing no appreciation for all that had been done for him chose Eve over Jehovah. The Bible relates how a Great Act was done when God gave Jesus, His Firstborn, His only begotten Son, who He loved for billions of years, to die as payment to satisfy a debt none of us could pay. Think about what that was like, watching your oldest Son, who You loved dearly,  tortured to death by people, mislead by their desire to be over the common people, who believe they are worshipping You as their God. Jesus was faithful to Jehovah, he put faith in Jehovah’s promise that this would be a strike to his heel, that Jehovah would resurrect him.  The same question is being asked by Satan today as it was in Adams day. Does Jehovah have the right to rule over man? Does Jehovah deserve our devotion?  Should He expect our obedience? The people who are alive when Judgment Day begins will have to answer that question prior to that Day. Just as it was in Noah’s Day people had to respond to the message Jehovah told him to preach and get on the boat prior to the day it started to rain.

20. Do we appreciate what has been done for us by Jehovah and Jesus? Then what do we need to do? We learn that loyalty and obedience to Jehovah over anyone else or any other god or idol or family member or friend or neighbor or ungodly desire is very important to preserving a good relationship with Jehovah. We need to show more appreciation than Adam did. We do this by reading God’s Word daily realizing it is true, Jehovah cannot lie. By studying Jesus example and trying to cultivate His Love for Jehovah. Jesus trusted Jehovah with his whole heart. Meditate on how Jehovah is teaching us to benefit ourselves. We must do our best not to be drawn into the worlds me first selfishness as Jesus was able to do. Avoid being drawn into fights and violence and hatred of people and association with those promoting these. Think about how everything Jehovah has foretold has come true or is being fulfilled today. Do not live as if this life is all there is. Try to speak the truth with everyone. Above all else speak to Jehovah God often, daily, nightly, with every care and live for the day you hear Him say “Well Done, Come enjoy your Life in Paradise on Earth Forever”

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