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Who is Jehovah?

Most of you will recognize the name, but how is He different? Who is Jehovah? Jehovah is the personal name of Almighty God. Jehovah is the father of Jesus Christ. Jehovah inspired the writers of the Bible. He inspired the thought, but allowed each one to write in their individual style. He caused them to write about:  why we grow old and die? Is there any way to better ourselves? Why did Jesus come to earth and die? What will be the end of mankind’s woes. These Bible writers wrote in prophesy. What is prophesy? They are Bible verses foretelling What God Will do and When.  Amos 3:7

What Kind of God is Jehovah?

Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses use God’s name? Why don’t they just call him God and go to church, like other Christians? The Bible states that men in the 39th century B.C.E. called on the name of Jehovah in prayers and everyday speech. Jehovah is revealed to be the personal name of God, not just God. The peoples became separated by the god they worshipped. Generation after generation learned more about Jehovah. They learned that Jehovah has four cardinal attributes, Love, Wisdom, Justice and Power. He will always act in ways that reflect these. Jehovah’s principled Love moved Him to create other life to be enjoyed by these. This Love moved Him to first create Jesus, then many more angels to enjoy life in the Heavens. Jehovah realizes that life is best enjoyed when His principles direct how an individual acts. Genesis 4:26

Jehovah is Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power

In time Jehovah turned His attention to creating the physical universe. He may have spent millions of years preparing the Earth for what would be the highlight of all His creation on Earth, a physical son. We can see the Love and Wisdom and Power of Jehovah’s creative works. Jehovah with Jesus created the first man Adam. He created him with eyes that can see all the colors and beauty of what had been created for Adam to enjoy, think if we could only see in black and white like many animals, life would not be as enjoyable would it?

Jehovah created us with ears that can hear many sounds like the songs of birds or the roar of a lion or bear and in time music. He created us with a nose to enjoy the many aromas and to add to the taste of our food. Think what it would  be like if everything we ate tasted like potatoes, life would not be as enjoyable would it? There is much more that can be written, but these three items show how much Jehovah Loves us before we are even born. Attributing these acts of Love to the person of God and His name, Jehovah, draws us closer to Him. This is what Jehovah’s Witnesses do, they bear witness to the many fine qualities of the person of God, Jehovah, and invite others to come to know Him through His creation and the pages of the Bible.

judgment day

The quality of Justice is very important to Jehovah. By this we can better see that we were created in the image of God, knowing right and wrong. You may see an animal act in what may seem a loving way; its clearer they don’t care about what is right or wrong, especially at feeding time. The Bible states many standards of right and wrong that should be followed to help us live a better life.

Justice is another way that Jehovah’s Witnesses are different. The Bible explains that Jehovah is searching for people around the Earth that are willing to live according to the standards that Jehovah has laid out. The people that are unwilling will be removed from the Earth. It would be unjust of Him to remove them without first warning them of His purpose to do so, wouldn’t it? Jehovah’s Witnesses have knocked on virtually every door of homes around the Earth and spoken to people while shopping, working, enjoying sports or parks. Jehovah’s Witnesses bear witness to the fact that for more than one hundred years Jehovah has reached out to billions of people inviting them to come to know Him and learn what the near future holds. They bear witness to His Justice.

Isaiah 43:10-12 states “YOU are my witnesses, is the utterance of Jehovah, “even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that YOU may know and have faith in me, and that YOU may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none. I—I am Jehovah, and besides me there is no savior.”

12 “I myself have told forth and have saved and have caused [it] to be heard, when there was among YOU no strange [god]. So YOU are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “and I am God.” These verses led Jehovah’s Witnesses to take that name, seeing that the Bible foretells that He would take a people for His Name. Read Acts 15:42 “Symʹe·on has related thoroughly how God for the first time turned his attention to the nations to take out of them a people for his name”

A Pattern of Prophesy

In the past Jehovah used individuals called prophets to warn people that He was going to do something that affected their life. Noah was one of these people. While Noah and his sons were building the Ark, Noah would warn people that Jehovah was going to bring a deluge upon the Earth and invite them to join him and his family on the Ark.         Read Hebrews 11:7 then           2 Peter 2:5

Other prophets were Isaiah and Micah. Both of them wrote prophesy in the Bible books bearing their name. Just like Noah invited others to join him before the flood, then the foretold flood came. Micah and Isaiah foretell a time when God’s Kingdom or Government would be exalted above all others. At that time many nations of people would go out and invite others to learn about Jehovah, be instructed by Him and join themselves to Him. Those people refusing to do so would be removed during a Judgment Day or Great Tribulation that would never occur again. Those people who accepted the invitation would receive great blessings and the hope of eternal life on an Earth that never has war again. Please compare Isaiah 2:2- 4 ,  Micah 4:2- 4

Are there any other prophesies like these?

Yes, Jesus while on Earth foretold what would happen in the Last Days of this “System of Things” or human rule. Jesus said that a great invitation would go forth to the whole inhabited earth. People are invited to come to know Jehovah and learn about the Kingdom of God or the Government of God spoken of by Micah and Isaiah. What would happen after the invitations had been handed out? Jesus adds more to the term “render judgment” that Isaiah and Micah used. Jesus states at Matthew 24:21,22 “for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. 22 In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short”. See Matthew 24:14

Jesus tells what happens after this great door to door work “a great tribulation”. Just like Isaiah and Micah, Jesus shows it will never happen again, there will be eternal peace on earth. Just like Isaiah and Micah, Jesus states there will be survivors, he calls them the chosen ones. Joel 2:32

Are there any other verses? Yes please read Mark 13 verses 10-20. In the book of Daniel chapter 11:44 to Daniel 12:1 there Daniel ,a prophet of Jehovah foretells that right before that Great Tribulation, a world leader will go forth in a great rage to devote many to destruction.

What is the Pattern?

In line with the quality of Justice that Jehovah God always displays, Jehovah will Inform and Invite, First. Then He will Act on what He has foretold through His Prophets. Jehovah’s purpose for the Earth is to have it inhabited by people who respect His Guidelines and try to apply them every day of their life. In order for them to do so, those refusing the invitation to learn about Jehovah and His Kingdom must be removed in the Great Tribulation. This is an act of Justice on the part of Jehovah God towards those accepting His Invitation and every one in the past that has acted in faith toward Jehovah. This is what Jehovah’s Witnesses Bear Witness too; That Jehovah God is acting Justly towards those refusing the Great Life He Has Invited Every one of Us to Enjoy. Jesus said that they would be like the people in Noah’s Day” they took no note,Until the Flood came and swept them all away.”

After the Great Tribulation has ended, and the Great War of God, Armageddon, is over other invitations will take place. The land will be apportioned out and given to the survivors, they will be invited to build houses and vineyards and orchards and enjoy them with their descendants. see Isaiah 65:21-24. Jehovah is inviting men and women and families to take up what our forefather Adam abandoned. Come enjoy the Real Life Eternally in Paradise on Earth. The last invitation referenced is at Revelation 22:17 where the Glorified Jesus Christ speaks from Heaven :”And the spirit and the bride keep on saying, “Come!” and let anyone hearing say, “Come!” and let anyone thirsting come; let anyone who wishes take life’s water free.

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