Question of Beginning

Question of Beginning

A Question of Beginning

Question of Beginning. Just like any court case, questions and answers, can create grounds for belief. The more we understand, the deeper the questions go. Why does the question of; “how did life get it’s start matter?” If life began by accident then morals and laws are a personal preference. If life began because of the will of a higher form of life than humans, then, His laws and morals, should at least interest us. If a Creator designed and started human life “are His morals and laws mandatory or required to progress?” What should children be taught in school? Evolution or Creation?

Question of Beginning: Valid Questions

How did life start? What type of matter did it originate from? Does it require a mixture? Does it require light or heat or electricity or extreme pressure? Is there anywhere on Earth where innate matter spontaneously comes to life today? No, there is not any place on Earth that lifeless matter, things that have never been alive like minerals and gases, metals, water, soil, sand, or rocks spontaneously become living molecules or cells. Why No? The composite scientist’s at NASA have directed their search for the Origins of Life to Space. They are credited for knowledge about the science of life and their quest earthwide to show how life started. Life coming from space is in fact is less likely than spontaneous transformation to life on Earth.

What Mathematicians say about life’s beginning spontaneously? Two well known scientists calculated the odds of life forming by natural processes. They estimated that there is less than 1 chance in 10 to the 40,000power that life could have originated by random trials. 10 to the 40,000power is a 1 with 40,000 zeros after it!

Question of Beginning: Test tube

Can Scientists cause innate matter to become living cells that replicate the DNA of any life on Earth? Flowers and trees should be an easy thing to create. Can anyone take various powders and create a seed for a new kind of tall tree with leaves the shape of hearts that are red in color that turn green in fall? If it can happen by accident, change from innate matter to something living, someone should be able to duplicate the process. Bird,Fish or Animal life is far more complex. Even if the flesh came to exist what would cause the heart and lungs start to operate?

Since the theory of evolution gained followers with Darwin and the book Origin of Species, issues of descent have risen. The fossil record does not support evolution. Life suddenly appears in the fossil record in kind, not evolving to kinds as was expected to be found. All missing links are still missing. Too, chemists have not been able to duplicate the start of life, evolutionists may have religious fervor, but a lack of evidence, will not draw new followers.

Question of Beginning: DNA

How Did the DNA of one Life Become the DNA in a Different Life? If molecules and cells did come to life in a complex being, say of a mosquito, how did that mosquito DNA become Bumble Bee DNA? A Bird DNA? A Dog DNA? How did one kind evolve to another kind?

Question of Beginning: Breeding

When animal life came, what came first? How did it Breed? Which came first the chicken or the egg? Who Evolved First Male or Female? If the male evolved first, did he have to wait 500 million years for a female to evolve? What did they eat? Were they cannibals until some other life evolved? If humans evolved from animals, Why don’t animals pray or set up altars? I’m sorry for rambling on, let’s answer the first question, then ask a second. How Did Life Start? The Bible Answers that Question, is there any other books 3500 years old that do? Let us look at the Bible and what it says.

Question of Beginning: What the Bible says

The Origin of Life—Five Questions Worth Asking

How Did Life Begin? read or listen


Question of Beginning: Six Creative Days

Science and the Bible pretty much agree on the order of events leading to the first man and woman. Some may of said that all things came to be in six 24 hour days or six days 1000 years long. If that cannot be true, how is the truth of the Bible understood? We know there were six time periods called days, by the Bible’s account that must be true. Any error is in our understanding today, not in the truthfulness of the Bible. The first day when the universe was created may have been millions or billions of years long. Just like the saying in the “day of the dinosaurs”  speaks of a subject rather than a definite length of time. In this line of thought the Bible states that there were six creative days where the subject of what is created is more important than the length of time that creation spanned.

Life Started with “the Breath of Life”

What does Jehovah God say in the Bible that helps us to understand how Life started on Earth? See Genesis 2:7 “And Jehovah God went on to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living person”. By this account we learn that life is made from materials found in the soil. Life actual begins with the “breath of life.” This may be the way fish, birds and animal life got their start. We can see that Jehovah knew that men would ask this question, “How did life get it’s start?’ and He provided the answer. Why though do so many not accept it?

So many falsehoods have been promoted as truth. These lies have left a bad taste in mouths of those seeking God. Today many people are imprisoned in their churches by false doctrines and the traditions of men. They and their families have given a percentage of their income for centuries. Though they may feel that something is not quite right, they do not leave. Churches don’t require anything of you, it’s easy to fit in. You may feel uncomfortable going somewhere else, especially with reports of cults and unscriptural rituals.

Question of Beginning: the End of the Matter

What does the Creator want all men and women to know? The first two chapters of Genesis explain creation the third chapter explains where things went wrong. Jehovah God wants all to know He is holding out His hand to you. Genesis 3:15 shows He has set a day in which He will withdraw His hand and the time of Judgment will arrive.

Some 6000 years ago the first man created by Jehovah God, Adam, did not act loyally towards Him. Jehovah has opened the minds of men and women who have searched for Him, thus drawing them into a closer relationship with Him. James 4:8 He has shown them through the pages of the Bible what He intends to do in our day. He has done this through prophesies that have time markers in them, such as Daniel chapter 2. We live in the years spoken of in Daniel 2 verse 43, read verse 44. Another prophesy recorded in Daniel chapter 11 about contending Kings, we live just before verse 44 read what happens next at Daniel 12:1. There are many prophesies about our day written in the Bible.

The Bible is the Only Religious document that proves it is Inspired by God through the fulfilled prophesies written in it. The Bible is the Truthfull Inspired Word of God that Cannot be proven to Lie or be Incorrect. It shows that Jehovah first created a son. They in turn created hundreds of thousands of Angelic Sons of God to live in Heaven with Him. Jehovah Loves Living and wants to share that gift with all He can. That is why He created the Universe and the Earth to share that gift with new creations. He created all the life on Earth to live on Earth. He created Adam to live forever on Earth, but Adam showed disrespect toward Jehovah and had to be banished from Eden. Jehovah is now searching for men and women today who would want to live in Paradise on Earth Forever.

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