What Question is God Asking You

what question is God asking you

This is what the Earth would look like today, had He not chosen to paint His Vision here. He is the inventor of flesh and blood and the human consciousness. Nothing like it exists anywhere else. He has given Life to billions who are vastly superior to us, they can do the things He asks whether on Earth or in the Heavens.

Similar to when a couple wants to create life out of love, His love moved Him to create other life. As a concerned parent, He wants each of us to make the right decisions, but let’s each one choose what we want. Many parents today suffer day and night because their children have chosen to use drugs and reap all the pain that comes with it. Unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, broken marriages, confinement, car accidents, loss of employment, loss of teeth, loss of heath and loss of life. The parent can foresee what the outcome would be, but felt powerless to change the future. Isaiah 48:17,18

He feels the pain of the parent and child. He wants each of us to choose the right way of life. He is prepared to intervene in our lives in the very near future. Today He is asking people everywhere, What kind of life do you want? One full of pain and tears for a few short years? Or One that only sheds tears out of the ever increasing Joy of being alive for millions of years with no fear of sickness, tragedy or death? Revelation 21:3-5

We will never be of benefit to Him, like infants, we will always need Him. He is the Guarantor of the Earth and the Life on it. He foretells that even when we live for eons, we will never exhaust His knowledge and works.

Ecclesiastes 3:11. Everything he has made pretty in its time. Even time indefinite he has put in their heart, that mankind may never find out the work that the [true] God has made from the start to the finish.

How will He make life on Earth different? He has let each one choose which life they want today. Tomorrow He will remove each one that has chosen the things of this World as their love. All who love power, greed, riches, immorality, lust, violence, drug and alcohol abuse and falsehoods of any kind will suddenly be taken. After that day if a person pursues a course that is harmful, they will be warned, if they continue, they will not be allowed to continue enjoying life or harm anyone else. The parent of the child addicted to drugs understands this, for they want someone to intervene, someone to do away with all the drug dealers and the drugs, so that their child might have a chance to recover before it’s too late.

Psalms 37:10-11 10 Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more;

You will look at where they were, And they will not be there.

11 But the meek will possess the earth, And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

Verse 29 The righteous will possess the earth, And they will live forever on it

Proverbs 2:21-22 For only the upright will reside in the earth, And the blameless will remain in it.

22 As for the wicked, they will be cut off from the earth, And the treacherous will be torn away from it.

This is what Jesus and his 144,000 associate Kings of God’s Kingdom will do for the next 1000 years, Jehovah and Jesus have the ability to read the hearts of Earths inhabitants, helping those who want to live as a citizen of God’s Kingdom on Earth in real time, while weeding out those who don’t. Men, Women and children from the first murder victim, Abel, through the ages will be resurrected and given a chance to learn of Jesus atoning sacrifice and answer the question

Will I Honor Jehovah God as my Creator, King and Lawgiver” or “Live as I want as long as I can?”  John 5:25-28       Acts 24:15

Jehovah God intended the Earth to become a global paradise.He groomed this planet in such a way that it can renew itself with food and life month after month. He populated it with a variety of fish, birds and animal life that were all once only a thought He had. He instructs us that He is able to cause what ever He say’s will occur at Isaiah 55:11  So my word that goes out of my mouth will be.It will not return to me without results,But it will certainly accomplish whatever is my delight, And it will have sure success in what I send it to do.

Through the pages of the Bible, Jehovah God, who cannot lie, promised that humans would Live Forever on the Earth in Peace and Security. Each person will have land, gardens and homes with youthful vitality and health for all eternity. If that is something you would be interested in we exhort you to learn more from the information at JW.ORG. Request your own personal Home Bible Study at the bottom of the page and learn more of What Question is God Asking You.