What Would Jesus Do Today?


What Would Jesus Do Today?

What Did Jesus Expect of His Friends?

To Worship His God and Father the Same Way He Did. John 17:3, 1John 5:3

To Pray For and Hope in the Kingdom of God to bring about Real Changes to this World under Satan’s Influence. Matthew 6:9-15, 33,34 1John 5:19-21

To Share What He Taught His Friends with others Day After Day until God’s Kingdom Arrives. Matthew 24:14, 28:19,20 Luke 9:2, 10:1-23

To Magnify, Sanctify and Make His Father’s Name, Jehovah, Known In All the Earth. Ezekiel.38:23 , Micah 4:1-5


What Would Jesus Do Today: Protest?

No, Jesus knew that those ruling the world could never satisfy our need for leadership, security or justice. The Superior Authority is a temporary arrangement put in place until the day Jehovah set to restore His Sovereignty.

 Jesus admonished His friends to convert their thinking to reflect His teachings while they wait until that Day. Jesus’ inner circle of friends left their former beliefs and worshipped Jehovah as Jesus did while seeking others to do the same. This pattern of would continue until Jehovah’s Day is fully established. Mtt. 6:33,34

Explain the Scriptures

What Would Jesus Do Today:                                       Explain the Scriptures

He would counsel Christian Church Leaders because they have taught falsehoods as truth.

God Did Not Come To Earth As A Man (Jesus)

The Son of Jehovah God was Given By Jehovah as a propitiatory sacrifice to God as a basis for forgiveness of the Adamic sin we all inherit. John 6:38, Col.1:13-17

During the sacrifice the Son prayed to His Father Jehovah God

After 3 Days the Son, who was dead in the grave, was Resurrected by Jehovah God to the spirit life He had enjoyed previously.

You Must Worship God with Spirit and Truth                                         John4:23,24, Deut:6:4-6,Ex.20:1-3,Isa.42:8