Why Is God Not Answering Many Prayers?

Why Is God Not Answering Many Prayers?

Why Doesn’t God Do Something?  So many people are praying for protection from the hurricane Harvey,next hurricane Irma, why does God not protect them? What do you think? More than 99% of those who pray on the planet, pray to a non-existent god*. How can that be?

The greatest reason:

The greatest reason today is that most people do not know God

  Some worship God, some worship the Lord, some worship Jesus, some worship a triune God Head, 3 equal gods in one. The Holy Trinity. Many feel that Jesus is God or part of a god-head consisting of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (which is not a living thing). Because of the definition of the Holy Spirit becoming better known as God’s Active Force, many have adjusted their belief to a 2 person god head. The word trinity or a definition of it is not found in the Bible, it is a belief from pagan religions created and worshiped long before Jesus birth. Those who pray to Jesus, will not be heard. Angels warn men not to worship them, but worship God. Nowhere in the Bible are we told that Jesus hears and answer prayers. This belief is just one of many that would hinder your prayers to God, the only one that hears prayers as written at Psalms 65:2. When we read verses from the Bible that clearly discredit what many religions believe, we must seek a religion that is not based on falsehoods so ours prayers will be heard. You must have a progressively clearer understanding of who you are praying to, in order to have faith He will give you the things you ask. John 17:3 states that knowledge of two individuals can lead to ever lasting life, we may have prayed 70-80 years without a hearing because we did not recognize who we were praying to and did not look to Him for direction all those years, but just went with the flow. Read these scriptures and see if Jesus is equal to God  OR  someone in subjection to Him. John 17:3 ,  Psalms 65:2,  Philippians 2:9 , Colossians 1:15  ,   Revelations 1:1,  John 17:1 

Why the Trinity Cannot Be True

Artist rendition of the Trinity

The first warning of the last days Jesus gave at Matthew 24:4 was: “In answer Jesus said to them: “Look out that nobody misleads you “”.  Jesus knew that most people would be misled in the last days by unscrupulous men and organizations lining their pockets and satisfying their ego’s.  Jesus prayed that his followers would be set apart from every other group by adhering to Bible Truth at  John 17:17

The Basics of Bible Knowledge lead to Increased Understanding and Faith

From the Bibles first chapters we learn that the First Man was named Adam. After spending many years building a friendship with God and naming all the animals, Adam joined in disobeying a statute of life or death given him by God: Genesis 2:9 Thus Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree that was pleasing to look at and good for food and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. Genesis 2:15-17 Jehovah God took the man and settled him in the garden of Eʹden to cultivate it and to take care of it. Jehovah God also gave this command to the man: “From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will certainly die.

Eating from that tree made Adam a criminal (sinner, having transgressed against divine law) , he was a grown perfect creation of God who would never grow old and die, now sentenced to death for blatantly disobeying that one simple command laid upon him. The verses show there were plenty of other trees to eat from, so Adam was not starving. No, this was an act of defiance that had never happened before. Did Adam not appreciate everything God had done for him?  Since Adam and Eve were the first and only couple, the children they bore became criminals too. God never spoke with Adam again, Adams children had no right to a hearing by God, we were all alienated from God, evicted from Eden both physically and spiritually. Adam was the first and only perfect man on Earth, there was no one equal to him that could legally give their life in exchange for Adam’s and give us amnesty from our death sentence as Adams descendants.

We learn from Genesis chapter 3 that God foretold a future day that would change to our hopeless condition and bring about the death of the initial liar, Satan. Because of this, Earth, is the focal point of the greatest trial of the universe, not only are humans to be judged, but as many as a third of the angels of Heaven will sentenced to death. Once the judgement is rendered, it will set a precedent, never again will God allow a rebellion, the rebels will be removed. We are all living evidence showing the futility of hoping in human governments to bring about true peace and security, this evidence will be scrutinized during that trial. Satan has influenced every life, has his influence led people to the greatest life ever, free from all pain and suffering, enjoying peace, security, health and happiness for all eternity? No, Satan has easily led people to hate and murder one another.

As the Judge of all, God has not involved Himself in the day-to-day affairs of the whole Earth since the Flood of Noah’s day. He is though, very much involved in trying to reach everyone on Earth with the Good News of the Kingdom of God and what it will accomplish. This He is doing as a final warning that He will soon bind Satan and all the demons and sit down on the seat of judgement. Revelation 14:6

Why God Delivered People in the Past

Why?  To show He was different from all the gods that men worship. All the nations had a god they worshiped to bless their crops and herds, increase the number of fish they caught and make them superior in battle. If your neighbors crops grew twice as large as yours with the same seeds, dirt,fertilizer and water,would you not wonder what god he was praying to? The Bible speaks about how the Israelite’s would worship the false god Baal. A Canaanite god regarded as the owner of the sky and giver of rains and fertility. “Baal” was also used as a designation for local lesser gods. You have to wonder if when they prayed, did they say ” O’ God please bless us with rain for our crops”? 1 Kings 18:18-40, Another god was MARDUK (Merodach), worshiped as the Creator of Heaven and Earth, possessing all the power of the heavens. Did those worshiping  him say”O’Lord please protect us”?.  A test of Gods

How the God of the Bible is different?

The Bible shows that all the gods had a name so you could discern which god it is you worship. Some had a history of answering prayers either by chance or demonic activity. The first four thousand years of mankind related in the Bible from Genesis to Malachi teach how we went from the crowning point of creation to becoming sinners. Little by little God gave details of how He would restore men and women back to His favor, by the Seed who would become Shiloh. We learn how this Messiah, though innocent, would be put to death as a criminal. How his bones would not be broken and how his captors would gamble for his clothing. We learn that the Jewish nation and religion foreshadows God’s Heavenly Government that will rule over mankind. The next 100 years, 1-99 C.E answered the questions of who Shiloh was, how the scriptures pertained to him and what to expect in the near future. The information age is revealing Bible Truths as described at Daniel 12:4

The God who inspired the Bible did not allow interfaith with the Israelite’s. He commanded them not to marry someone from another nation to protect them from being led away from Him. He taught that His name and reputation were very important to Him. Exodus 20:1-7 The Bible teaches us His Likes and Dislikes, His Loves and Hates, about Prayers and Supplications, about Creation, About Adam’s Sin and the alienation of his descendants from God’s Favor, about the Past and about His plans for the Future, about His Son and other Angels, about false gods and their names and why people looked to them. We also learn about His Great Power and about His Unique Name that separates Him from any other god, Jehovah. Psalms 83:18

The greatest proof of the Bibles truth is found in God’s ability to look into the future and foretell exactly what will take place. These prophesies never fail to come true. After the Flood, God chose one man, out of all the men on Earth to befriend, so as to educate all the people about Himself. He could have chosen any race, however, He chose Abraham, a Hebrew man, because at a time before the writings of the Bible, Abraham had great faith in an Almighty God and Creator of the Earth and Everything on it. Abraham looked at the human body, the animals, water, plants, the stars, the sun and moon, the day and night, the rain and seasons and realized there is No Way this all happened by accident. There must be an Intelligent Designer.

Jehovah God used Abraham to show how He would sacrifice His first creation,His Son Michael, who at that time may have been billions of years old. This account is a parallel prophesy. (Abraham was told to offer his first-born son from his wife as a burnt offering to God, this Abraham intended to go through with. His son, Isaac a grown man at that time, was willing to allow his father to put him to death in obedience to Jehovah. Abraham had taken his knife in his hand to put his son to death, when the angel of Jehovah stopped him).This dramatic life event foretold how Jehovah would give his first-born grown son, and His sons willingness to suffer death for the human family. Jehovah interacted with Abraham’s descendants down to the first century, offering them the first chance to become Kings and Priests of His Heavenly Kingdom. Hebrews 11:17

Jehovah loved His first-born son very much, Michael also loved his father very much, so much so that he allowed Jehovah to end his life of all those years in Heaven. Think of that, Michael had no death in sight, he could have lived for billions upon billions of years more as an angel at Gods right hand for all eternity. His son had full trust that Jehovah could and would return him to Heavenly life. God had used Michael as a helper while creating the first man and woman, Michael had affection for us and wanted to help restore us back to God’s favor. He realized that his Father has four cardinal attributes that govern His actions, Love,Power,Wisdom and Justice. A perfect man had sinned and died, another perfect man would have to prove loyal under test and give his perfect life in exchange for what Adam through away. An eye for an eye. God ended Michael’s life and all those living memories that the two of them had together that He might justly recover from sin and death, human sons and daughters. Hebrews 12:2

Jehovah then took the essence of Michael and implanted it in the womb of a woman on Earth, Mary. In time a male child human being was born as Jesus. Jesus grew up as any other child would, except he was never sick. He was born a perfect male because he was not fathered by a descendant from sinful Adam. Jesus grew up with no memory of his previous life until he was twenty-nine years old and went to be baptized by John the Baptist. After his baptism Jehovah revealed his pre-human life to him and the purpose he was there.   Matthew 1:20  Matthew 3:13-

After Jesus baptism he journeyed about Israel teaching people Jehovah was to cast off the Jewish way of worship and it’s hundreds of laws( those laws reflect the principle expected from a loving person ) in favor of a religion with its Priesthood in the Heavens, God’s Kingdom, being based on the principle of Love. Love of Jehovah God and Love of your neighbor (encompassing every other person on Earth). Jesus began his ministry telling people ‘the Kingdom of God was near’. (Jesus would be given the Kingship in that Kingdom by his father Jehovah God.)

As Jesus traveled through Israel, men who knew that a messiah would appear by Bible prophesy joined themselves to Jesus and became close friends and followers. Jesus taught them that they would become Kings and Priest with Jesus in God’s Kingdom. After Jesus sacrificial death he became the first man ever resurrected to Heaven, his followers would begin to be resurrected to Heaven as soon as Jesus was given Kingly authority, until the number of 144,000 has been filled. As God miraculously transferred the essence of Michael’s being into the womb of Mary, He will do the same thing for those invited to serve with Jesus in Heaven, transferring their memories into a living spirit. These will be people who served God loyally for many years, the Bible states that these are sealed, meaning their years of loyalty guarantee them access into the Heavens to serve Kings and Priests. These would continue to live out their natural life on Earth, God would wait for their death before resurrecting them to Heaven. Similar to how Jesus was guaranteed by Jehovah to sit at His right hand as King of Jehovah’s Kingdom for his integrity to Jehovah while being put to the test here on Earth. Most of them are in the Heavens today. So what about us? Except for Jesus, 144,000 is the Total Number of People Resurrected to Heaven. Revelation 1:6   Revelation 14:1 

History Shows Mans Failures,Not God’s

Jehovah and His angels only interacted with Moses and others to make His Name known to the world and honor a promise made to Abraham, that by means of his seed, Jesus, all the nations could bless themselves by seeking out Jehovah God and requesting forgiveness of their sins by means of the life atoning  blood of Jesus Christ. Jehovah God only interacted and protected the Abrahamic family that the prophesy foretelling Jesus birth might be fulfilled. This is how the people knew where and when the Messiah would be born. Daniel 9:25  Genesis 22:18

God could have destroyed Adam and Eve and started over with a new couple. However that would not settle the issue, was God holding back a better way of life for Adam and Eve, as Satan insinuated? Was God holding Angels in Heaven back from a better life? These questions had to be answered. The six thousand years of history from Adam show mans failure to work together toward the common goal of peace and security.

The acts that are described in the Bible are the only actions that can be traced back to God as taken toward the Earth. He has not, struck the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Africa or anywhere else with life destroying events. God did not lead churches to torture and kill people who just wanted to read the Bible. God did not cause any of the wars on Earth or side with one country over another. God does not create or steer hurricanes or tornadoes. Except for the events in the Bible, God has been relatively inactive towards the Earth while He waits for the last day He has determined that Earth will be ruled by man.

People slander and dishonor God by saying that He has caused the many natural events that have killed so many. Others slander Him by telling people He took their young child or marriage mate or parent to Heaven. God is not taking any life, even those who do go to Heaven as one of the 144,000 are allowed to live and die a natural death. People who die in accidents or other premature ways go the grave and await a resurrection back to life here. God is not searching the Earth to save people from death in the hospitals, knowing they will die again soon after in a storm, earthquake, car wreck or some other means. What would be the purpose of that? He created humans, as He created angels, to live forever and enjoy His friendship, Jehovah cannot lie or fail, His success is guaranteed. Isaiah 55:11   Micah 4:3-4

Draw Close to Jehovah God and He Will Draw Close to You.

James 4:8 Jehovah is teaching people everywhere if they draw close to Him, He will draw close to them. If they die, He will resurrect them after His Kingdom rules the Earth. So, why would He save them today, to suffer many more pains in this wicked world?He knows that death of a loved one is very hard on the survivors, yet no lasting harm has occurred, they will be resurrected back to the Earth again. Noah, Abraham, Moses and thousands of other men and women who worshiped Jehovah God are dead in the grave. Jehovah allowed them to die, they are safe in His memory, not feeling any pain, no worries, no anxiety, no fears, no thoughts. The dead don’t feel anything, death is the opposite of life,the living are conscious, the dead are unconscious. The dead have no consciousness of time, Abraham will feel the same as someone who died last month when resurrected. Ecclesiastes 9:5,10

Jehovah has everyone who has ever lived in His Almighty Memory. That’s the same memory that stored the billions of years of Jesus pre-human life along with the billions of other angels that He created as sons. No life that has been conceived has escaped His attention. He remembers the thoughts of each one and is able to resurrect the dead as they were before their death, with continuity of thought and consciousness. When Jesus was resurrected back to Heaven as an angel, we can be sure that all his memories were restored, for those memories are an integral part of his loyalty and love for his father.

Have Your Prayers Answered

We are all men and women just like Abraham, we are responsible to seek God and build a relationship with Him through Bible study and meditation of what we learn. Pray for understanding of what you study, Satan influences people by his spirit mentally, plus by other people who cooperate with that influence; this highlights the importance of praying for God’s Holy Spirit to be active upon you,upon your thinking, upon the desires of your heart and associating with people who are seeking God’s favor like you are.

As you get started learning the truth, you will want to seek out good association that can help counteract the attacks you will receive from Satan. A local Kingdom Hall will be the best place to start. Say you wanted to stop smoking, well if all your friends smoke, you would be put to the test every time they light one up. The opposite of this illustration is true also, you will learn faster and be encouraged to keep going by people who are trying to worship Jehovah just like you are. Watch a video of the average Kingdom Hall meeting .They used to say that every journey is started by the first step, today a click can be your first step toward everlasting life. See 1 Corinthians 15:33

When praying, we should address God by His Divine Name something like this, ‘Our Heavenly Father Jehovah or Sovereign Lord Jehovah’ and every prayer should end with ‘in Jesus name I pray’.  Realizing that the spirit of the world is influenced by Satan and the other angels that have rebelled against Jehovah, we must continually ask Jehovah to protects us from their influence and help us to see and avoid all the traps they use against us. Jesus gave us an example of a proper prayer at Matthew 6:9-15. You’ll notice we are taught by this the importance of Jehovah’s name, praying for God’s Kingdom as the solution to all of mankind’s problems, asking for and giving forgiveness, and the necessities of life. We are invited to pray for wisdom, knowledge,faith,integrity and trust in God. The Apostle Paul gave examples of character we can pray for  and works of the flesh we can pray for strength to resist. These are the activities that will cause us to be successful in praying.

If we are depressed we can have faith Jehovah will hear our prayers for a joyful spirit Psalms 34:18 or Isaiah 57:15. We should  daily ask that Jehovah helps us to gain wisdom.Wisdom will help us to avoid practices that we know displease God. If we consider His view of common practices today and avoid them because of that, we will certainly grow closer to Him. Consider what He inspired King Solomon to write at Proverb 2:1-6, 20-22 

Out of our love and concern for our neighbors, we certainly should pray that Jehovah direct those who can help those devastated by storms and earthquakes to those that need the help the most. He certainly knows the pain we feel seeing others suffer and lose everything they had.

There are some who will die and not receive a resurrection, this will be those that are destroyed during God’s Great Day as His enemies. We would certainly pray we are not among those who will beat themselves in lamentation as they learn they were led along by false religious teachers or hopes in human government or medicine or riches.  Jehovah is not unrighteous as to destroying masses of people without warning them first. This is the one activity the Bible states that Jehovah God, through His angels, is active in today, warning people everywhere that very soon He will Install His Kingdom as the Only governing body for the Earth.

Seeing that most of those invited to Heaven have already been resurrected to Heaven, what hope is there for the dead and us today? Isaiah 11:6-9, 33:2465:21-25, Psalms 37:9-11verse 29

Luke 23:43 Jesus told the criminal hung on the stake beside him, that Jesus would see him in Paradise. This is Jehovah’s fore-vision of the Earth under Jesus Kingship, Paradise, a earth-wide park where life will become increasingly joyful. As those in Heaven act as our Priests we will come to know Jehovah God more and more.In time Jehovah will again speak to His Sons and Daughters on Earth who are no longer sinners, but perfect human beings in flesh and spirit being welcomed back to a favored standing with God. Paradise is a Certainty for Many. Praise Jah  Psalms 72:7,8       Enjoy the Video Below          

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* Population of Earth nearly 8 billion

Religions of the World claim over 6 Billion

1 percent of 6 Billion is 60 Million

There is a little more than 20 million who

pray to Jehovah in the name of Jesus Christ

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